Lou's Place Fundraiser

I haven’t seen this posted elsewhere:

Lou’s Place offers support and assistance to women in crisis.

They’re based in Kings Cross, Sydney and have been helping women for over 20 years. It’s a crucial resource for women facing domestic violence, homelessness and other challenges, in fact it’s the only daytime women’s refuge in Sydney

Coronavirus impacts have meant that Lou’s Place, which gets no Government support, has lost a lot of the funding that it depends upon from the business community.

We’re asking our fellow Cove members, Sydney FC fans and fellow football supporters who can spare something to donate to our fundraiser for this great cause. We know that many of you are doing it tough, but those of us who are fortunate not to be badly affected by the current crisis can do something awesome for people in desperate need of support. Every dollar counts so please, give whatever you can.

This is the sort of stuff I love to see. There’s only $365 left until the target is hit so if you’ve got the money, get on it!


Are donations tax deductible through that page? Great cause, but if not I’ll donate directly instead.

I’m not sure myself but on my donation it listed it as being to The Cove Incorporated so I suspect it isn’t.

I made a donation of $2877 last Monday, thanks to all who donated.