Luke Brattan Appreciation Thread

He’s been getting so much love in squad speculation I thought I’d give it a chance here

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I didn’t think he’d be bad, but I was worried whether we’d be defensively more vulnerable due to him having less mobility compared to Josh B.

Not only has this worry been unfounded, but we’ve acquired a package with so much more than the player he replaced. He is an intelligent player with killer combination of positional smarts, wide passing range and isn’t scared to be tough when he has to be.

Yes, he has teeny little hobbit legs, but can’t half cover ground when he needs to, and having his arse close to the ground makes him devilishly hard to shift off the ball. His passing is a delight to watch, and he seems to fit in well with the rest of the squad.

Verdict: keep, but realistically, I fear we just don’t have the cap space.

Kick arse golfer as well apparently

He’s been excellent. I really didn’t think he would be, and pre-signing was hoping we’d dodge him and just give Paulo first shot at CM. Currently enjoying that humble pie though.

I can’t recall the details of why his proposed move to MV / WS fell down, but feels like he was keeping his options open with just the one year deal. It’s become a classic case of our system and our environment making a player better though… whatever we’re paying him has to be less than the rumoured $500K Brillante is getting from City. So we’ve essentially done a swap with our nearest rivals, and presently have the better player performing for less of the cap.

If he doesn’t head OS, remembering he’s already had a stint where he couldn’t get near the Bolton team and that Asia is not typically where Aussie midfielders are favoured, then he’d be mad to leave us for an extra $30K at Macarthur where he may revert to type.

Stay Luke. Just get a haircut.

With him, Grant and Teague in the same line up we can be the Hair Bear Bunch.

His hair now is acceptable - remember he is from Queensland after all. Its the corn rows and blonde that sicken me. Members email with full and frank apology for his past actions?

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I have long thought that we need to employ a team barber.

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The biggest issue I have with his hair is that it’s possible to confuse him and Grant from a distance. I’ve reverted to checking for the fluro boots to make sure it’s Brattan.


Interesting that he went home to BrisVegas for Xmas. There was talk of him considering heading back there next year to be closer to family, might’ve been a shrewd move from the club to give him a few days off.


Holy fuck, that’s shit. Certainly wouldn’t begrudge him a bit of time away to be with his family.

Very touching story. Will definitely get behind and support Luke and the great cause he is standing for.

A testament to the lad that he hasn’t skipped a beat despite this horrible news.

Hard to believe that the performance he puts in each week is sometimes (by his own admission) without being fully focused on the game.

Nobody should begrudge him for being partly distracted, and this probably sounds selfish for me to say (and clearly I don’t intend it to be); but imagine how potent he could be without this shitty situation looming over him?

He’s our bastard. So glad we’ve got him for another 2 years.

Jesus - says a lot about him that his performances have been at such a high level while his mind must clearly be on his families challenges.

Also says a huge amount about the club that, despite the obvious and understandable draw to move back to brisbane he chose to stay sky blue

Just a reminder everyone that Brattan is going to shave tomorrow and you can still donate here:


Thanks for the reminder, donated.

Hopefully they have some buckets at the ground on Saturday

Made the morning shows. Legend


+1, I don’t social media much so probably would’ve missed it if not for the re-post here. Thanks CountArach. :+1:

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You can still donate via the link above. He’s about 3/4 of the way to his target.

Spoke with Luke today. Probably not surprising but he told me there were some dark days where he didn’t want to come in and do his rehab.

He’s looking fit and was very accomodating with the journos there. I really hope he has a great year - always hard to watch someone go through an ACL.