Man bites dog. The weird but true news thread

Reportedly it was an arranged marriage. They met when she was 16 and decided it would work, but they waited 2 years till she was 18 before they tied the knot. Both families have said they werent dating prior

Still fucking weird. That would mean he was a 29/30 year old meeting and agreeing to marry a 16 year old. I don’t care that the parents were good with it, I dont care what the customs and cultural norms are, that’s fucked.


14 years old when he decided he wanted to marry her!

So pretty similar to Elvis/Priscilla then?

I’m a bit concerned that they didn’t find a dead body inside the hearse.

Not news but definitely weird

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looks very AI generated

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Well Dr Who has gone down the shitter in recent years

The show needs a good flush

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That original Viz strip of Dr Poo was one of my favourites. Gonna have to dig it up.

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Like a bad sitcom

BRYAN COUNTY, Ga. (WTOC/Gray News) - Two Georgia men are accused of setting off a bomb at a woman’s home and plotting to release a python to eat her daughter.


I want me some of her drugs


A portal was set up between Dublin and New York so people could view what was happening between the two cities. It lasted less than a week after numerous individuals started flashing each other and the Irish decided it would be funny to show pictures of 9-11…

Didn’t Coca Cola do this years ago? Between Pakistan and India?

Apparently its not the most friendly area of Dublin

Surprised it hasn’t been loaded into a white van by now

Martin Neumaier, Free Democratic Party candidate…filmed himself licking public toilets of a railway station…

In one clip, Neumaier was seen singing the Nazi-era German national anthem along with “masturbating rectally with a sex toy.”

…He also made a mustache from feces while roleplaying as the former Chancellor Adolf Hitler in one more such footage.

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