Mobile layout change

Hey am I the only one whose mobile forum layout changed in the last day or two? It used to have the top three threads under each category and now it shows only the category titles, like so:

I’ve probably just clicked the wrong button or changed a setting. Is this WAD or something on my end?

Happened to me as well some time over the last couple of days (mobile as well)

There was a software update recently and a bug was found. They have patched it and the fix should be released next week. Latest topics aren’t showing per category on mobile - bug - Discourse Meta

Upgraded to the latest version and the bug is fixed :slight_smile:

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Yep it’s fixed for me (iOS user). Nice work as always.

Small Change on the styling on mobile to save some space.

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I seem to be having an issue now where people’s avatars aren’t loading when I click on threads except for the original poster’s avatar, or if I have clicked latest post, then that latest poster’s avatar.

On mobile using iOS.

Yeah I’m getting the same on Chrome for Android.

Yeah i noticed that too on mobile will fix.

EDIT: Yeh should be good now tested it on android was a image height issue.

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Not sure if this is the right thread but i am trying to log onto the forum on my tablet and i cannot for the life of me remember my password. However, when i ask it to send me the email reminder, nothing happens.

Any advice?

I can tell you which email address the reset is going to, and have you checked trash.

Worst case I can reset it for you

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Sounds like our sendgrid provider is probably full? Might need a fix.

EDIT: our limit is 100 a day and it’s tried to send 1400 :joy:

Having some issues with the website on mobile when posting. Cant see the whole box to whether my phone is upright or flipped on the side.

Does anyone else get this tiny logo issue on Android? It happens on both my device (pixel 6 fully updated) and my older tablet.

As far as I know there haven’t been any changes to the discourse platform or the mobile theme, is it possible your browser settings are doing something?

Try a different browser, check if you’re in desktop mode in your current one.

How do you create the link/icon, I don’t have the issue on my cheap chinese android phone.

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I installed the app from the chrome menu. Tried to uninstall and reinstall it to replicate the issue and it seems to have fixed itself so thanks!

Goddamn genius at work here.

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