Momentous Moments In Cove History - 2 - Our first Fanzine

The second submission in this ongoing look back to our illustrious and sometimes dodgy history is a little different.

In May 2007 between Season 2 and Season 3 of the A-League a number of Cove Members got together and created a short-lived but quite impressive fanzine. BenW, Ren, Domaldo and a number of contributors put it together in the offseason and it was distributed for free at the Sydney FC v Shanghai Shenhua ACL game on May 9th.

The content includes an interview with short lived manager Branko Culina, a history of the early days of Lokomotiv Cove and a thinkpiece by the mysterious and obviously intelligent and handsome ‘Mechanic’!YMNk1KZb!WgXqWH5NDMQX-oDdunMcVCNZAxPy41fBV9gRMSAPq7c

Other interesting time capsule moments include a list of chants, and cove merch from 11 years ago. Enjoy.

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Love a good fanzine, me.
Asking for a decryption key, but.

Fixed the link to add the needed key

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Thanks , Jubes

I’m taking requests for topic #3, either a ‘first’ or a momentous event in the first years of our club.

I was re-reading ‘A-League: the inside story of the tumultuous first decade’ and in there they make reference to the Sydney fans who turned up at the very first preseason game (against Manly?) with banners and chants. I’d love to know more about that, any pictures/memories etc.

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What about that time when (from my hazy memory) there was a snap protest at Westfield against the sudden Lowy takeover of the club - end of season 1?

A great read and a lot of blasts from the past in there. The palpable excitement for the ACL really shows as well.

Guy Sebastian


Good to see Branko show some class by choosing Oporto. Good man

Surely you kid? Regardless of where you stand on the Great Portuguese Chicken debate, I think there is unity in saying Oporto is a very distant 3rd (or worse).
No wonder his tenure was measured in months.

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The release of extremo picante sauce cemented Oporto’s status as #1. I don’t think there’s even scope for a debate anymore.

One of the truly great away moments.