Movie Thread VII: Adrian's Revenge


Right… that makes sense (in as much as it can do)…



Just watch Wu Xia.

Donnie Yen is awesome at this shit.


Palm Springs on Hulu was surprisingly not shit.

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Is it streaming anywhere in Australia?


I thought it was pretty good, much better than I was scorching.

Greyhound on the other hand, lived up to and exceeded my lofty expectations. What a great film on a great subject. Despite the fantastic stories, naval movies never get made.


McDowell casts his mind back over his own long list of credits. The gangster flicks and the sci-fi knock-offs. The kids’ animations that few kids ever saw. He says: “I sometimes think: ‘My God, I’ve just acted in a real piece of shit and I managed to produce a credible performance. I managed to turn that piece of shit into something watchable.’ That’s what’s worthy of an acting award.”


I liked him as Ari’s boss in Entourage.


Just got back from aliens, what a fantastic movie.

Hoyts are showing some great movies the next few weeks.


Is it a remastered 4k/hdr version?
I picked up the remake of the original Alien that was scanned in 4k HDR and it is unbelieveable how good it looks, especially considering it came out over 40 years ago.


It might have been upscaled, but I doubt it. The sound was noticably below par compared to current movies (as expected), definitely not surround sound.

My local is doing a back to the future/batman trilogies, Jackie Brown, Jaws, goodfellas, kill Bill 1/2, django unchained and a few others


Which cinema?



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Yeah they can work wonders when the orignal video source is shot on 35mm film. Sound on the other hand…




still rate that as one of my favorite movies


Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems is an amazing movie & a completely different side to the comedy fluff he’s been pumping for 20 years.

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That’s because it’s fucking great.


Yeah I was late watching this and only just got round to it

Absolutely fantastic. Such a good film and Sandler is amazing

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Sandler’s poop and ball jokes are the pinnacle of cinema. Anything else you say is fake news