Movie Thread VII: Adrian's Revenge

Anyone seen anything good lately? It’s a pretty dire end of year release schedule.

I’ve been watching through the Purge films lately. I’ve seen the first three of them now. The first one was basically Panic Room. The third one had a really interesting concept but really ultimately didn’t say anything. The second one, however, was actually a great film. Good character development and action scenes while also actually exploring the overall concept well.

I also saw Anna and the Apocalypse at the British Film Festival last week. It’s one of the weirder genre mixes I’ve seen: a musical, a comedy, a Christmas movie and also a zombie film. It takes some pretty explicit cues from Shaun of the Dead and while it doesn’t reach those heights, it was a lot of fun. I’ll probably throw it into my annual Christmas movies list when it gets a full release.

2nd Purge film was definitely the best of the two. 1st was good but very much liked how they expanded on more of the culture behind the purge in the second one. Agree the 3rd was a let down

Is this thread just for new release films?
If we can include older ones, I just saw Get Out on the weekend. Loved it.

I saw Three Identical Strangers a few weeks ago. It’s a great documentary which has some really huge WTF moments. If you’re going to see it you should go into it without knowing too much.

Yeah that movie was fucked up. In a good way.

I was at the premier of “One Cut of the Dead” last week easily my favourite Japanese movie since Battle Royale.

I’m not going to spoil it by describing it in any detail but it’s definitely worth seeing even if you don’t like movies with subtitles. I

Whatever you think this movie is, it’s not. It’s playing at Event Cinema on George St. on 24/11 as part of the Sydney Japanese Film Festival, that’s likely to be your only chance to see it in the cinema.

Go see it, then come here and thank me.

Incredible film. One of the best original concepts for a thriller in a while.

I’ll probably go and see Bohemian Rhapsody. Apparently it’s not that factually accurate but should still sound great through a big cinema sound system

If you like the purge, them watch you’re next. Similar but better

Thoughts on Mortal Engines? The previews look pretty cool at least.

I recently saw Suspiria after enjoying Thom Yorke’s soundtrack for it. I imagine it will be fairly divisive and it could definitely do with an edit, but I thought it was at least interesting.

Outlaw King on Netflix was quite good. Some maddening inaccuracies on the battles but at least they weren’t wearing kilts

I saw Widows last night. It was a great film, far darker than I was expecting. The less you know about it going in, the better.

I saw Mandy when it was at the cinemas for a limited release… what a ride!

Watched The Predator and it wasn’t as shit as I expected, did well with the humour and the story was at least engaging even if it wasn’t riveting.

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Just got back from creed.

Fairly confident in saying creed >>> rocky.

I didn’t mind First Man which was somewhat recent - probably could’ve chopped 15 mins off the run time though.

2018 has been a bit slow going film wise, although keen for Widows.

Green Book is great!

Creed 2? As good as the first?

I was reading one of those “Ten Best Movies of the Year” articles that always pop up around this time and was surprised by their number one pick for the year. But the article was in the New York Times and the movie was already on Netflix so I gave it a go… totally agree with the assessment. Best movie I’d seen in a while.

If a little part of you dies every time Dutton and Jones and Trump launches into an ignorant race-baiting diatribe, Paddington 2 is the perfect antidote.