Movie Thread VII: Adrian's Revenge

I might wait for it to sail the seven seas

Just got back from it, and I agree with everything you wrote. It didn’t quite explain the journalistic why enough, the agnostic viewpoint given was a bit weak imo. Could have used the old man’s experience/viewpoint a bit more.

Apart from that, it was really good. 8/10.

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I honestly think the reason why is because especially in the US they didn’t want to alienate half their audience.

I’m more talking about the “I only take the photos, so other people can decide” viewpoint. Just admit you may have been idealistic at some point, but now you’re mentally broken and needing a hit of adrenaline like a fiending junkie just to feel something.

which is why they keep on going despite nearly being killed numerous times, and the young chick stands in the middle of the hallway…

If that’s my main sticking point with the movie, then it’s doing pretty good.

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You know what?

I’m jealous. Imagine discovering Once Upon a Time In The West for the first time.



The new Glen Powell movie ‘hit man’ on Netflix is a good way to spend 100 minutes.