National Youth League 2018/19

Fixtures have been confirmed and the squad will be confirmed in the coming days too:

This conference system makes sense from a monetary perspective but it really just doesn’t provide much football for a lot of these guys.

Not as big an issue with most of them playing npl as well?

Yeah I accept that but then what’s the point of having this comp?

Just call it reserves and allow everyone to play in it to maintain some sort of match fitness. No need for a National Youth competition now that they’re getting a full season of NPL under their belts.

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The NYL squad has been announced:

Giancarlo Italiano has been promoted to head coach.

The squad looks pretty stacked in midfield but maybe a bit light at the back. I’d like McGing to have a good season as he has really solidly progressed each season.

I’m a fan of Harry Van ser saag being in there, as his mum often brings cookies for us

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I’m looking forward to seeing Ryan Teague the most. Think he handled himself well as the Australian U16’s captain

Is it the Youth team which competes in the NPL?

Majority of this team was involved with either our npl or u20s team.

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So in terms of age; Youth < u20s < NPL?

U20s < Youth < NPL is my understanding. NPL players I think can be a year or two older than the NYL allows but one or two of these guys (like McGing) are too old for the U20s.

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Up 1-0

Til with a brace now

Finished 2-0, a very good result.

Youth are up 4-0 over Canberra.

Finished 4-0. 2 for Ivanovic, 1 for Lamberton and 1 for van Meurs.

Good to see ivanovic in the goals, hopefully he can show more of the potential he displayed at bonno

Youth League derby is this Sunday at 10:30 at Lambert Park for those who are interested.

I just saw that Agamemnonos is playing for Wests in the Youth League today. A bit of a shame for us to lose him as I thought he had great potential. He’s clearly a good, calm head in midfield.

Youth team lost 3-0 to the Mariners tonight. That’s pretty disappointing.

Dragicevic, the keeper, received a red card in the first half for a foul outside the box. Also it looks like Charlie missed a penalty.