National Youth League 2019/20

Squad was announced today, any info people have in some of the new names is appreciated.

Squad 2019/20

Aaron Gurd

Adam Pavlesic (gk)

Adrian Segicic

Anton Mlinaric

Ben Koop

Calem Nieuwenhof

Calum Talbot

Cameron Fong

Cameron Peupion

Fletcher McFarlane

Jaiden Kucharski

Jake Hollman

Jayden Trenkoski

Jordi Swibel

Levi Kaye (gk)

Marco Tilio

Matteo Scali

Mitchell Mattison

Nathan Grimaldi

Olayinka Sunmola

Patrick Wood

Ryan Teague

Samuel Amey

Scott Browning

Thomas Fay

Thomas Main

I imagine that Tilio and Teague will do very well this season. Any others to look out for?

Jayden Trenkoski is pretty highly rated and has played for national youth teams. He is only 17 so to be at this level already says a lot.

A bit of a google also shows the following nice story from a couple of years ago:

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Is the other tilio in the 20’s

Y-League opener is tonight against Jets - anyone else heading down?

4-3 at half time against the jets

Brisbane did Victory 7-0, but I suppose most of Melbourne’s NYL team will be on the bench at Kogarah tomorrow.

8-3 full time, tillio with a hat trick

I’ll post up some full thoughts later but man what a wild game. Youth football is always worth the price of admission (in this case free).

Tilio scored 4 goals including a hat-trick recently for the Young Socceroos and now another hat-trick here. He’s having a great November.

Sydney 6-0 up against WSW after 70, absolutely running riot

Yoof appear to have made the Grand Final, providing they avoid losing their last two games by a combined 9 goal margin.

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And we’re conference B premiers

The other conference is still undecided mv play Adelaide next week if one of them wins they’ll go through if they draw it will be Brisbane (by my quick glance)

Are GF hosting rights determined by highest points total, or the usual FFA buffoonery? If the former then looking good for that too, a point in the final game will see us with at least equal points but superior GD to either MV or Adelaide.

Keen to head if we’re hosting.

I’ve a terrible feeling that they’ll put it before the Saturday have which is in newy I believe (they’ve done this previously)

Yeah I remember travelling to Gosford to watch a grand final between us and City up there before the A-League game.

Also that game was played in about 35 degrees. Nightmarish.

So we are hosting and if we win we’ll be the first team to simultaneously hold A-League, W-League and NYL titles

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Magnificent. Everyone knock-off at lunchtime next Friday. :beers:

Good day for an RDO I reckon :beers: