New centre of excellence is a reality

I am travelling from interstate in Jan, and was hoping to be able to take look. Any idea if they do open training sessions with any regular occurrence or what the deal is with attending Sky Park?

We could usually attend training sessions even back before Sky Park was open (COVID restrictions times excluded), but it’s best to ask the club via social media to see what times they train, and what days. From memory, I attended a few 11am training. You can’t film it, obviously because Rudan might be lurking around in the bushes doing the same. Can probably snap a few quick photos though.

Speaking of Sky Park, the mailing address does seem to have switched from a PO box in Bondi Junction to Macquarie area. I remember a few Wanderers fans using said PO box as “proof” that we are just an eastern suburbs team.

Thanks, appreciate the suggestions. Will do.

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Got to visit Sky Park during member’s day today. It’s not huge but probably suits our club well. Great new facilities, the murals and trophies at the entrance are the highlight.


And it comes with a Vesh, I see.

Absolutely disgusting from the club. How dare they use bins with RED lids, a RED first aid box and even included RED in the coloured organizers!!!


I can’t see the Townsville Cup on display in the foyer.

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Arnold has it hanging like a chandelier in his living room.


So one of the club articles RE: Talay’s first day noted they trained at Valentine this week as the pitches at Sky Park / Macquarie are under maintenance. Does anyone know for how long?

If they’re still at Valentine next week I may “work from home” and get my lurk on. :ninja: