New centre of excellence is a reality

It has been years the club has been waiting for this so some great news!

Also comes with this lovely little announcement:

“I am pleased to announce that inline with the opening of Sky Park next year, we will launch the Sydney FC Female Academy where we will provide an elite development pathway for the most talented young players to become the Sydney FC W-League stars of the future.”


Genuinely brilliant news.


I, for one, am thrilled they’re developing this in North Ryde where the teams have trained for years.

Club facilities (and youth games?) in the north near the Metro, AL/WL(?) home ground (Granted we’re tenants.) in the City of Sydney in a new stadium, hopefully some cup games at Kogarah and Leichhardt stadiums and some women’s games at Cromer and I think we should have a comfortable and hopefully stable base. Oh, also, I can bushwalk to youth games from my parents’ if they have them at the CoE.

Mostly I’m just glad it’s finally been announced.
Well done to the club, and quite frankly, to all of us for supporting the club for years and helping this to happen. :blue_heart:


The shots don’t make it look like there’s a stadium there so I suspect they’re just training pitches rather than somewhere the club will play.

Great news.

There was mention of fan/member areas in some of the photos, so while there might not be any stands, there may be viewing areas for games, maybe…


This is cracking news, feel a buzz just seeing the renders in that article.

Every spot in the changeroom is for Brosquey. It’s like they listen in on my deepest sexual fantasies.


Dunno where else to put this. The Dutch women’s team were meant to train at Macquarie but were unhappy with the quality of the pitch and have moved

Strange all round. Their group games are in Dunedin and Wellington, must just be setting up here for final friendly & pre-tournament hit out?

So weird complaining about the grass… I mean it’s not like we’re going to have European styles of grass here in a summer with minimal rain and 40C heat…

Also weird to comment on the time differences. It’s not like that really sneaks up on you

Maybe they should have imported their own grass. I’m sure APIA could’ve put them in contact with someone.


APIA could only help out with imported dirt though.

Dutch people complaining about grass? Maybe we should have sent them to Nimbin?

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Will be getting a sneak peek on Thursday after work.


They show a little bit here although not a great amount

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Mean time the Swans have moved out of their former HQ in the SCG Brewongle stand for their new HQ in the Entertainment Quarter.

Struggle to see who will take it given SydneyFC, Souths and NSW Rugby have brand new facilities, and Roosters are already in Allianz.

Glad this is ready because the old facilities resembled those of a public high school.

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Bermuda grass commonly used for Rugby and American football pitches, perhaps trying to emulate a harder pitch on game day.

probably just turn it into function venues