New Contributor - Thomas Grealy

Thomas Grealy @grealy will be writing occasional analysis articles for us this year. I’ve posted up his season preview, written before the ACL games in November, as a taster. I’m sure he’d appreciate your feedback.


New article up today


It would seem that moving to a 22 round home and away season would be the obvious first step if we get to a point where it’s unlikely we’ll get the full 26 rounds completed.

The decision to do this would have to be taken early (before any teams scheduled to play thrice play their third match); but I imagine Fox Sports would object to a shorter season than was previously agreed.

Just run the whole season and pretend Perth arent there.

Isn’t it also an AFC requirement that teams play at least 27 competitive matches? Hence a 26 round A-League plus at least one FFA Cup match.

And, you know, it’s not like they have a record of engaging common sense which makes you think they’d bend such rules regardless of circumstance.