North American Football

Couldn’t find a specific thread for this. I’m sure random posts appear in random places.

But, something i heard on the World Football Phone-in, with Dotun and Tim. There is a real possibility that the Mexican league will combine with/join the MLS.

That is a huge move and extremely exciting. Just a random article on it i searched for the start of the thread.

Apparently they are now in talks of actually joining the two top leagues with Mexico and USA/Canada.

There was a time we in Australia considered us on the same stage as MLS, but they are so far beyond us. Of course there are many differences from financial to culture.

I don’t see why this would be a good thing. Can you explain why you think this is exciting?

I’m looking at it from a populous , spreading football, marketing point of view in North America i guess. Not in the way of European Super League kind of way as the difference is significant.

Things don’t last and can be and often have been cancelled and changed, as this could , but this kind of thing can ‘unify’ football over there between cultures on the generic level. Combine finances between the two leagues and create publicity for football to grow.

I’m not blind to the other challenges and all the other shit that goes with American culture and all that.

Is it good for MX? Good for MLS? is it just more money making for fat cats? It’s a bit of all of those.

I’m excited because the possibility of giving more people football to enjoy and to become part of the global football family would be increased.

I don’t know but I’d imagine the Mexican clubs would kill the MLS teams although maybe not financially

Well they consistently kill them in the CONCACAF Champions League thingy, so yeah you’d think so.

That’s the thing. MX clubs could really change things on the MLS system, giving the thousands and thousands of fans another priority .

Given Mexico can’t compete with their southern neighbors, stuck with CONCACAF. If anything it would be a positive for Mexican football.

I’m guessing the MLS side of things is thinking short term, but in long term it’s a win for the Mexicans.

There’s a fair amount of $$ in Mexican football now, they outdo a lot of the South American clubs. Tigres beating Palmeiras in the WCC thingo isn’t a huge upset.

Some good shithousery by the USA to play their qualifier vs Honduras in Minneapolis where it’s currently a bracing -17c.

I’ve got a stream with Spanish commentary and I love the way they can commentate in Spanish but pronounce the US names in perfect US accent. I find when switching languages like this I tend to stick with the accent from whatever language the main talk is in.

Its the reverse zelic.

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Stunning indicator of where the US are at if they have to resort to this shit. I remember there was talk way back in the day that the Socceroos should have played the home leg of their final qualifiers against Argentina or whoever on a cow paddock in Darwin… but FMD this is the US, with a 30 team fully professional league behind them, against fucking Honduras.

The Honduras keeper was literally forced off at half time suffering from hypothermia…

Although I agree it is a bit lame, the Yanks have to travel all over Central America with 100% humidity. A bit like we do with our qualifying

I wish we’d had a place like that to take the Saudis and Omanis to.

Can we build a stadium in the Australian Antarctic Territory?

Heard Island ftw.

Boutique stadium.

There’s a shitty ground in Oberon that regularly gets snow, and when it’s not snowing the ground is super soft, the grass is long and it is even more all over the place than the old Tempe Sand Dunes from the first couple of Loko Cove seasons…

I still have nightmares about that place. We played a game out there middle of winter, probably 3 degrees and started pissing down rain. Game ended up getting called just after half time due to lightning. Never been so fucking cold in my life.

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Plus they’re all inbred banjo-playing weirdos who love covering up murders of outsiders.

Fuck Oberon.

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Sounds like Uki.
I did my calf playing there last year and my first thought was that I’d been shot.