On this day in 2010




9 years ago today


Jeez that was a fantastic day out. So many good memories…


Kevin Muscat hit the post.


Walking through the Melbourne streets to the club post game singing SFC songs and Champione and no one could touch us because we were flanked by police the whole way!!!


Grand times they were.


“Why would you say that now?”


My highlight was being at a rammed REH and the sound of broken glass as people jumped up after Byun scored the penalty



So good, so good,


That baby laughing is possibly the greatest YouTube video ever


It never fails to make me laugh, not even nine years later.




In that robbery video I just love hearing the roar of the traveling Cove when Shitney scores. From the length of the field. Brilliant


I remember tumbling a few rows down during the most insane goal celebration of all time. And after landing flat on my back the entire night sky was just filled with beer shower, fuck it was beautiful.


And the unity of the away bay during the penalty shootout. We all linked arms and rode every kick together as one.


I was at the REH as well - was a great night there… Byun’s penalty I couldn’t even watch i just stood behind a pillar in the back area and waiting for the pubs reaction… so so much amazement


Agent Behich!


still remember passing out at the hotel where all the supporters were, waking up middle of the night and getting shitty that there was shouting downstairs. Turns out the team had arrived :frowning:

In fairness I only remember bits and pieces of that night :stuck_out_tongue: including fishing a bloke out of the yarra river


That’s such a great photo. Looking at it as a whole it’s just chaos. The best part is the front of the bay celebrating with the players, and the back half mostly all turned around to give it large to the victory fans on the tier behind.

And Les in the top hat.



I only just noticed the official CLANK. :rofl:


Stephen Keller was only 30 for that grand final? Jesus he had a hard life…