Opinions on Charlie Teo?

Opinions on this guy?

I get the idea of him being willing to take risks other doctors wont and how that can be a good thing but wow does he come across as a lunatic with a god complex.

Neurosurgeon Charlie Teo tells hearing his 'enemies' are out to 'destroy' him - ABC News

Neurosurgeon Charlie Teo has admitted he “took out the wrong bit” of a woman’s brain during surgery, but maintains his “enemies” in the medical world want to destroy him.

“I took out too much. I took out the wrong bit of the frontal lobe,” Dr Teo admitted in evidence today.

"I actually didn’t know at the time. I’m learning from this case.

"It wasn’t negligence. Maybe some ignorance on my behalf but certainly not negligence.

"I did the wrong thing. Was that my intention? Absolutely not. I didn’t try and hurt her. "

I remember being impressed that Professor Henry Woo spoke up about Teo when it was in the papers a few years ago. Don’t think it’s that often you get a prominent doctor calling out another doctor.

Definitely mixed feelings on this guy. He has obviously done so many good things and saved the lives of countless people. Even today at his court case there was a whole stack of people there to support him

Yes, I’m sure the patient will be extremely forgiving and expect that he’ll get it right next time … sheesh.

Found the article I remember from Henry Woo


Ignorance is probably not the best trait for a brain surgeon.

I always thought ignorance couldn’t be used as a legal defence…

First, do no harm…

Most highly qualified doctors and surgeons generally do.

Most doctors have the bedside manner of a piece of rotting chicken.

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Jesus, I wouldn’t want to meet your doctor!

Without knowing any of those involved or any behind the scenes unreleased stuff, I understand that this guy is a brilliant brain surgeon, maybe the the best in the country. I think a lot of the problems we are seeing play out is he has an ego the size of a house (common in surgeons) that he does not hide, is arrogant and thrives on publicity. This behaviour, along with colleagues who are traditionally conservative in attitude and practice does not go over well and he has made enemies. Add to this that he will go further than they, in surgery, in the hope of a good outcome, that others see as too risky brings accusations of him being a cowboy.
I have never heard of any medical procedure as being described as having no risk. The problem is that many patients when told there is every chance of a good outcome but with a 10% chance of failure they take it as being a gold plated guarantee. I have heard it so often with patients saying their surgeon was hopeless after he said he could fix something and didn’t.

It is brain surgery and this guy is working right on the cutting edge. Also many times nasties are found in the brain that do not appear on scans, and only appear when the surgeon is up to his elbows in grey matter and has to make a decision on the spot. The odds have changed from a small chance of a bad outcome to a much higher one.
It is very easy with hindsight to say whether he is right or wrong. You cannot be right all the time it is a matter of odds.
His supporters outside the enquiry are examples of when was correct in his choice those accusing him are family members of ones of when he may have been wrong. Also bear in mind some of those supporters saw their surgery refused by other doctors as too dangerous.

I have had friends who have had brain tumours removed and surgeons say they had to leave part of the tumour behind because it was too dangerous to go for the lot. The end comes a year or two later after a miserable and painful time of continuing treatment in hospital more than out. Something you see more often than you would like as you age.
If the surgeon has got all the tumour the prognosis (with no long term guarantees) has often been some more years of normal life.

He is definitely the surgeon I would want were I in a similar situation.

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I find it more and more annoying when something bad happens people now are very quick to head to lawyers to find someone to blame and then sue.

It is life shit happens.


I thought the biggest thing on Teo was the sheer amount of money he charges for operations, as well as the fact that some of his procedures have had zero peer review as to their ability to cure certain cancers?

At my local GP clinic, there’s one doctor whose response to everything is to take Ventolin.

Got a cold? Take Ventolin. COVID Symptoms? Take Ventolin. A massive ENT plus chest infection, and your eyes crusting over needing 2-3 courses of anti-biotics? Nope. Take Ventolin? You betcha!

Few years ago, I was in debilitating pain having slipped a disc in my lower back and a nerve had become trapped behind it. Couldn’t stand, couldn’t walk, in excruciating pain, that resulted in back spasms, causing even more pain. Upon entering the GP clinic, I had a spasm attack whilst booking in, wound up on the floor of the clinic writing in pain, on the verge of screaming. Whilst the lovely lady behind the counter went to find me a wheelchair, and the 20 odd people in the waiting room watched on, Mr. Ventolin came out of his office, along with another doctor from another room. Did he ask if I was OK? Did he see me in excruciating pain and offer me some form of pain relief, or a muscle relaxant (the only thing that would work), of even attempt to help me up into the wheelchair?

No. He asked me in a flat-plane tone if I had taken any Ventolin. The other doctor helped me in the nurses room, where he proceeded to give me a muscle relaxant injection.

Now I don’t see him any more, even if he’s the only doctor available. I go to another clinic just down the road, where out of about 6 doctors, there’s only 2 adequate doctors.

The problem is that, once you find a good doctor, others do and you end up having to wait days just to get in and see them. I remember I was at Uni and missed an exam due to sickness. I wanted to see my GP but he wasn’t available for a week as he was completely booked out… Even our current one, you’ll be lucky to see him on the same day.

I am dreading the day my GP retires.

On Teo. I know only what has been in the media. The rest of my previous post is pure supposition.
However if he charges like the reports, he may be better off in the USA.

A good GP is like gold. You must be able to be able to communicate and he must be able to explain the reasons behind his treatments.
Most importantly he must be up to date on who are the best and most up to date specialists working in the area.

How does it work with the fees? I’m assuming this is in the private sphere, so can he just charge what he wants?

I think the main issues are:

The high prices are for surgeries not covered by Medicare. Leading to - if they’re not covered by Medicare are they valid surgeries to be performing (This is what Henry Woo raised).

Is he appropriately informing/educating his patients and family of the risks involved in his surgeries, or overstating the benefits?

There is other stuff but I think those are the main two points this inquiry is covering.

We will see when the experts release their report. Much more interesting than sensational ist trial by media.