Paulo Retre Appreciation Thread

Huge fan of appreciation threads and what better time to start one than when he signed a new contract and scored a brace. If Brattan leaves Id be more than happy for him to take over as starting CM


Brosque stating Retre’ s not a fan of playing RB and that he prefers midfield.

It has to be a given that Brattan is leaving at the end of the season, or else I can’t see WHY he’d re-sign.

A great player, seems to fit in with the squad really well and if Brattan does leave, there’s a real big opportunity for him to become a starting player in one of the best A-League teams of all time.

Deserved, definitely.

can we just pretend scott morrison never existed and that paulo retre is actually the pm?

the people’s choice. vote the paulo party


Been great to see Retre’s development in his time in sky blue. I didn’t really have an opinion on him when we signed him, and apart from his stint at LB, he’s been exemplary everywhere else he’s been asked to play.

Was brilliant seeing him get a double.

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Was great to see the big smile on his face for both goals.

What a guy.