Paulo Retre Thread

Good titles wanted. Best I could think of was “we’ll forget hes from melbourne”

Improving in leaps and bounds with a sustained starting spell and done better at the right sided role that many expected. Does lead to some questions though- does he get shifted back to RB if Grant goes to the Asian Cup? Or do we consider him a reverse Grant RB/CM whos found his home further forward. But if so how do we fit him in with De Silva back at full fitness? If we lose O’Neill is Retre the one to take his CM spot?

Happy to see him repaying the faith Arnie had in him.

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He’s improved out of sight at RW, great stuff.

I dare say he’ll continue to be a utility and play wherever we need him most. If DDS and SdJ are fully fit at RW, Paulo can play RB or CM if one of the other guys need a rest. Don’t forget the signing of Tratt, he is obviously seen as another RB option if we lose Rhyan to the NT, and gives us flexibility to use Paulo elsewhere.

He’s improving every game. Would still like to see him test and/or open up defences a little more, as he still tends to look sideways or back as a first option instinctively.
Obviously tough to do against a packed MV midfield area, but should be a good opportunity for him on Saturday.

This. There’s still that safety-first instinct of a player who’s used to play further back and screen more. I think that applies to the team in general at times.

Makes Ronaldo Look Shite

Showing consistent improvement, Retre’s been a fantastic piece of recruitment by the club.

Retre was again really good tonight. Contributed quite a bit to ensuring the speed of our passing was up. Even though we didn’t make many incisive passes in the process, it tired the Wanderers out.

I’m disappointed that as the “junior” member of the lineup, he’s always the one making way as players return from injury.
Milos needs a rest most, and Brosquey always needs some protection. Retre has the engine and has done enough to keep his place.


He’ll be in for Brillante next week

Was that Joshy’s fifth slice of cheese last night?

Fourth by my count.

Mine says it was his fifth - counting his yellow in the FFA Cup semi.

FFA cup is a separate competition

Commentators said it was his fourth, so I’d say most likely they’re correct and the cup doesn’t count.

Rowdy says five for all competitions but four for the A-League