Perth Glory Thread

As always a good title needed.

Noticed theres no thread for them and theyve basically won the plate. First silverware since 2004 or 2007 (if you count preseason cups)

What, no Iron Ore Cup?

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Didn’t they win the Distance Derby Cup?

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And they’ll finally pop their cherry of playing ACL - the last of the current HAL clubs to do so? Have City played qualifiers?

Heart/City haven’t played ACL. Phoenix are the only other ones but there’s other issues there.

Be funny when western United beat them to it

Shedding the Shit?

The Perth Glory - What Salary Cap? Thread

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Jason Davidson just singed a new deal with Perth till the end of next season. Guess that rules him out of Western United Whatsits.

Gotta love perth media.

Glory have been smashing it and most news reports are “oh yeah and glory won a game”

Foraroli joins for next season

So who are Perth’s marquees this season? Is Castro the only one, or does this mean someone has to downgrade or leave?

This season its just Castro and I imagine Castro might leave anyway

Sydney to win the plate as Perth found guilty of salary cap breaches in 3.2.1…

I’m sure Fornaroli will do well enough, but I don’t get a lot of FOMO out of not getting him. With Le Fondre staying on, our real needs will be elsewhere.

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When’s Keogh’s contract up? Surely he’ll be gone before next season.

Yeah Reza and ALF is bit of a case study of that and Fornaroli and ALF would work even less.

And yeah Keogh was linked to City at one stage

Keogh re signed so Poppa is keen to play both of them.

Is Castro coming out of contract or is he there next season too?

I think, providing they don’t win the GF, Castro will re-sign in cap for 1 season. He will be their $500-$600k in cap player with his wage topped up with ACL payments.
If they win the GF he’ll be off to India.