Podcast with Terry McFlynn

Hi guys,

I had a really interesting chat with Terry McFlynn on my podcast this week. We go into his back story and cover his childhood in Ireland, how he got to QPR and dealing with the adversity of the club’s issues, plowing his way through the lower English leagues to the incrediable story of how he got to Sydney FC. He shares some nice stories on Vinny Jones, Dwight Yorke, Alessandro Del Piero & Peter Crouch and the 2010 Grand final.

With Tez having such a great football brain my favorite part was him talking about his role with the club now including what the club looks for in Marquee and overseas signings and an interesting perspective on leadership and club culture.

Let me know if you want the link to the show and I can post it if you want it and that’s aloud




I’d be keen to have a listen mate.

What’s yer podcast called?

Podcast is Talking with TK, just search that on your podcast app or google it for the website

Here’s a direct link for people:


Had a listen today. Great chat with St. Terry.

Listened today while at work. Wasn’t expecting a 90min interview and was pleasantly surprised. Made the day go much quicker.

Really enjoyed the story on his trial… missed flights, no kit and fat camp with David Carney. Also enjoyed the bit about Steve Corica and Steve Laurie (who I had entirely forgotten) driving around in Porsche’s.

Cheers guys I’m glad you liked the interview, Tez is a sensational guy, great story teller too.

Let me know if there is anyone else you might want to hear on the show?


Would love to hear from Nick Carle or even Graham Arnold.

Great stuff mate!

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Ill try and track down Nicky, GA would be very interesting could be off limits for a little while now his National Coach

Excellent podcast. I can now see why we would employ Terry. I really like his attitude and approach to recruitment.
Living history hearing all those names in his stories.

TK i like how you let your subjects tell thier story without constantly interjecting, makes for great listening.

People I’d like to hear from - Kiki Naumoff, Seb Ryall, Iain Ramsey and Simon Colosimo.

Thanks Ivan I appreciate you tuning in mate. Yeah my style is to ask a question and get out of the way, then bring in a follow up question to keep it going and again get out of the way. The podcast for me is about the guest so the less I’m heard the better and I learn more that way too

Yeah Kiki could be a good guest.

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I believe Nicky still works as a scout for SFC?

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Finally finished the podcast this morning. As others have said, you did a great job with the interview, not injecting yourself too much but still making it a conversation. It’s interesting to hear just how connected Terry is in the UK. I didn’t expect that.

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Listened the other day - really good stuff, must listen.

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Same here, definitely worth a listen.

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I too enjoyed it. A good listen.

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Cheers guys I appreciate you guys checking it out