Postecoglou's J-League Triumph

Probably worth its own thread as its a big acheivement and theres a few things that can be discussed about it.

Not sure in this one if he rejected it. He won the league multiple times with Roar, set Victory up to win and then won the Asian Cup with Australia. Lost his way at the end of his time national team where hed run his course with them and moved onto something else.

Utterly sick of the revisionism around this.

Taking nothing away from Ange, his achievement is, in Australian coaching terms, massive.

But to hear some people talk, he was hounded out of Australia at every turn by philistines who couldn’t recognise his genius, instead of the truth, he’s only ever been fired once, after 7 years, when the U20’s missed the U20 World Cup and has resigned from all but one coaching job in his career.

He quit SMFC to become U20’s coach, he was fired from U20’s, he quit the Roar to join MV, he quit MV to be Socceroos manager, he quit the Socceroos before a world cup to go to Yokohama and he’s still there.


I don’t think Didulica is having a go at Ange, instead he’s criticising the FFA. He’s saying Ange moved on from the Australian job due to a lack of support for his long term project from the FFA and blames the lack of cohesion at the FFA for this.

Ange’s subsequent success can only be a good thing for Australian football. By not staying in Australia he further enhanced the prospects of our young up and coming coaches. As remarkable a feat it was Tony Popovic winning the ACL was there was a very large element of luck attached to that success. The style of play was also not a great endorsement for the quality of coaches here in Australia. The manner in which Ange won the J League will see more foreign clubs treating Australian coaches ability with more respect.

Agree. There’s been a whole lot of bollocks written around this. I assume a lot of the sources are Hellas diehards, but there seemed to be this opinion that those who criticised him in particular towards the end of his Socceroos tenure had a shadowy alternative agenda (with central tenet of getting Ange Out at all costs to get a Sydney/FFA stooge in) and somehow wanted him to fail in everything he did.

Where in reality, you can take basically everyone who was underwhelmed by the qualifying performances and results and to a man they would all be willing him to do well with this new job. I know I would always look out for Yokohama’s results, even last season when it wasn’t quite happening. And that’s despite the fact I was fucking scandalised by the insistence on front foot bullshit when we were leading in an elimination qualifier in oppressive heat and clearly not playing with the swagger or finesse to pull it off.

It’s like these people think that it is impossible that the human mind can carry two separate thoughts which can have any conflict. It has to be religious levels of total love or hatred. This is why the world is fucked.

Ange said as much himself in the Australian Story episode he pretty much curated, that he had “lost the mandate for change”. Yeah, well, the reason for that was clear. Us failing to qualify for a World Cup is infinitely more detrimental to the game than losing a good coach who’s also a diva and couldn’t handle scrutiny that was beyond warranted.

We sucked all campaign. We scraped past Syria over two legs, literally by the coat of paint on Maty Ryan’s left hand post. Ange then carried on like a pork chop, dragging out his own intentions before choosing to walk away. And ever since he’s tried to re-write history, play the wog / outsider card, and had the gall to suggest we would’ve been fine at the WC if we all just shut up and let him do this thing. Remember him saying how “we were SUPPOSED to struggle against the weaker teams”? How can you possibly insinuate that sucking against Thailand and Syria provides the evidence that we were right on track to get results against France, Denmark and Peru?

I honestly think he walked away because deep down he knew we were cooked. He protected his own reputation and can now sit back and say “I qualified” and that it was someone else’s (regressive) methods that failed at the tournament, which we all brought on ourselves by doubting the messiah. It’s utterly ridiculous that anyone out there is buying it.

Happy for him to have won the J-League. It is an immense achievement… though I’d still like to know who scouted and recruited the two Brazilians who’ve been scoring for fun all year.


Haven’t we already discussed this in another thread?

  1. Everyone knows if you utilise wingbacks you actually need to pick players that can operate in the most demanding position that you can put on a football pitch.

  2. Why do I care about the success of someone I’m not really fussed over with a team I don’t care about in a league I pay no attention to?


This times eleventy bazillion.

Plus he comes off as a bit of a cock