Preseason 2022 Thread

First behind closed door game was tonight

Not exactly sure who we defeated

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Looks like Manly United?

Yep, Manly according to Twitter

So Segecic and JK fit to start this, but not against United 48 hours ago?

Probably more like didn’t start because of this


Obviously nothing more than a glorified training exercise.

Few names I don’t recognise on there. Ayouk Mow among them. Guess they’re NPL/Academy?

Good to see the new Spanish guy get a run.

Still no trialists or player rumours. I get the feeling we’re going to have a LOT of youth this season.

Yeah that’s pretty much the pick of the NPL side, minus Gurd who went off injured on Sunday.

Though Mow is a surprise, only seen him come off the bench a few times, all recent.

Any idea what’s happened to Grant? Is he still on holiday?

And still people will say Sydney don’t play youth.


His Instagram has him being all hipster in Morocco 2 weeks ago, and London 3 weeks ago. That said, I saw a snippet of him in the Diego Caballo Welcome Video, as he was being shown around the training centre.

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Last week he was dicking about one one of the Powerball (?) rigs, so he’s back in town.

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Lets hope Alfie has a productive season… I feel a lot of the goal scoring responsibility will fall on his shoulders this season

Looks like Ayouk Mow was at the Fascists for the first half of the season.
He still appears on their club page on the NPL website and Soccerway have him down as playing 13 games for Sydney United and 2 games for our NPL side this season.

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Kucharski scored the 4th, the best of the lot. Could we have a player able to score (let alone shoot) from outside the box this season?

Burgess also looks like he is being encouraged to shoot from distance, both of his were from the edge of the box.


He was at training last Friday.

Liked the goals, particularly Alf’s and Burgess x2. But their GK looked VERY weak. No Brattan yet?

Gees for a player so young Kucharski bangs those in from the edge of the box very casually, like, almost every week

We’ve got a behind closed doors friendly on Sunday against Wollongong Olympic FC

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That’s annoying.

Why behind closed doors? I’m planning on being in Wollongong on Sunday for a bike ride.

Would have been a great way to cap off the weekend.

Are they sending out membership packs this year?