Preseason 23/24

Australia Cup round of 32 game against Central Coast confirmed for Win Stadium Sunday 13th August 3pm as double header with Wolves & Sydney Olympic playing at 545pm.
A bit disappointing that it can’t be play at Brookvale. Northern Beaches Council must charge a fortune to hire the ground.

Was ES Marks unavailable?

Loved the pre-season tour of NPL grounds!

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Didn’t Bridges sign mid season?

I told you I was old and forgetful. Whoever it was we tore them apart. I guess we also tore whoever it was apart that game at the sfs with bridges as well

He was good the first couple of games, a level above. The rest of the team were shit.

NRL game is the Thursday before, then they are away the following weekend. It would be fairly shit playing a couple days after they tear it up at the backend of the season too, but at least it’s local.

Not competing with the women for airtime, as there are no games on that Sunday. It is a pain to get back to Sydney late on a Sunday that being said.

Fuck no to Brookvale. It’s a run-down cesspit, the worst ground in the NRL. Wollongong on a Sunday is a pain, though. I’m not going to bother.

As it’s 3pm I’ll probably drive down with the kids - won’t be too late home

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For some reason I thought it was 530pm

3pm is much more manageable.

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This is Wollongong, literally nothing other than the Colliers club is open after sundown on a Sunday.

Fraternity Club?


They have a very nice pizzeria in there.

The road home is open at night

So I’m locked in for the game. In-laws have kindly offered to take the babies so I can focus on drinking beer and uttering as many “For fucks sakes” without the kids picking up any bad habits.

Going to wrangle a free lift from my mate, have a nice burger at the North Break Cafe in Woonona for lunch, before ambling down to the Illawarra Brewery and sampling some lovely beers before the disappointing offers surely served within the stadium.

I love WIN Stadium, it’s one of my favourite suburban grounds. The view from the Western Stand is excellent, and the Hill isn’t a bad place to watch grown men or women run around chasing a ball.

I suggest you take a look at this before settling on the Illawarra Brewery.


I would definitely prefer to walk from Five Barrel, His Boy Elroy or Dusty Lizard than have to drink Illawarra Brewing beers.

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Nice cow paddock we’ve got there