Preseason 23/24

Apparently had our first friendly tonight. 5-3 win over manly.

Goals to Wood Gurd Caceres and Glasson x2


Held at the new Sky Park…

pitch looks awful already

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Perfect to prepare our team for matches at the SFS

Surprised you can see it with the poor floodlights


Must’ve been the Dutch ladies team tearing it up with their clogs.


I miss the good old days when Vitezslav Lavicka did a Tour de Sydney, playing pretty much every NPL club (then NSW Premier League) on cold blustery Wednesday nights all over this City. Loved going to Uni in the morning, finishing up around lunchtime, planning my public transport route from Milperra to wherever we were playing, penciling in a pub nearby (or failing that, a carton of beer and a park…) and watching some entertaining pre-season matches.

We used to trot out all sorts of weird and wonderful trial players. Remember Byun? He was one of Vitja’s Wednesday night trial kings. Went on to be pretty decent as well.

Shame we don’t do that much any more. Plenty of friendlies and ‘inter-club games’ behind closed doors now. Not that’d with a wife and kids I’d be allowed to be out every Wednesday drinking questionable beer in a far flung suburban ground of Sydney, but it’d be nice to be able to do it once or twice after work.

At least bring our yearly game against Macarthur Rams at Campbelltown Stadium back.

2009-10 pre-season was esentially a mini-season on it’s own.


No Grant?

Big +1, as a Covite and match day binge drinker, pre-season used to be my favourite time of year to get out and watch games (relatively) sober and from as near to half way as possible to see how things were shaping up. Suppose it’s good we’ve moved beyond the random foreign trialist stage though (Sebastian Gallegos, anyone? Bloke had a ripping youth record before ending up here in NPL 2/3).

We’ve had some classic nights like Brian McFadden coming off the bench for us at Blacktown. Couple of 1-0 wins at Fascist Park with Conan winding up the locals as hard as I’ve ever seen (if it wasn’t for the English you’d be Serb). Nick Carle destroying Bankstown City at Jensen. Nick Carle destroying Marc Warren with stern verbal direction. Those Macarthur Rams games included the one where the RBB turned up before Wests had even conducted a training session, I remember seeing Sulo bins fly from the grandstand opposite, and another where I got to boo Matt Simon on his debut. An Illuminati Derby against Hakoah in there too somewhere.

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Dunno, something magical about those random backpackers that we used to throw on for 20 minutes.

I think that was the season I met a mate at the Sefton Playhouse for pre-drinks. Got stuck into the rum and cokes (from memory they were having a mid-week special which was favourable to my Uni income), and when we went to leave, it was 1am in the morning, we’d missed the game completely. :rofl:

I was there for that one. I had brought along the designated driver(nee-girlfriend, now wife) and she was shocked and appalled at their behavior. She now has a hatred for anything Wanderers related.

I know NPL teams are in the middle of the season and there’s the Australia Cup to contend with as well, but surely we can organise some mid-week friendlies. I work a stones throw from Jensen Park (No Sefton playhouse for me this time…) so a game against Bankstown or whoever would be perfect. Campbelltown Stadium is a 15 minute drive from my house (10 minutes at night) and I’m always down for shenanigans at Belmore Oval. We’re overdue a trip to Cromer Park, and as run-down and shoddy as is appears on NPLTV places like Lambert Park and Sutherland.


This was pretty much me as well. Would finish uni and then off across town on a Wednesday night.

Fun times.

This game sticks out;

because this is the night that; “RIGHT FOOT DAVE!!!” was created.

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Nahuel Arrarte scoring for Bankstown, he’s currently Staj’s assistant at the WWC, was previously on the Matildas staff and iirc was the only one who walked in protest after the questionnaire debacle. Good lad.

You’re just a shit ronan keating


I remember a pre season game down I think at WIN stadium when Bridges had just signed, and my age may be showing with confused memories but we tore apart whoever it was we played in attack. I think.

Perth. Was the ‘best ever’ SFC performance by those who witnessed it. We were scintillating.


Pierre Demon, Boris Lucic and David Swanick :rofl: :rofl:

Also Gustavo Latronico, what a name.

Long are the days where the club went scouting at Scary Canary.


Good memories. For me going to Rockdale sticks out for some reason, as does a game at the Olympic Park athletics venue, and Lambert Park. Freezing cold nights, getting the train on my own to random suburban grounds.

Actually smiling as I type this out.

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I watched about 15 people give Cole heaps from the sideline at Miranda for the entire first half and then at halftime swap to the other side of the field to continue giving him heaps in the second half. I don’t miss losing 3-0 though

Matt Simon scoring with a free kick against Earlwood will live long in the memory. Looks like it was 2017

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