QF: Australia vs France

One of the biggest games in Australian football history. The hype is real. Let’s fucking go!


I think this is the sweet-spot of nerves for me.

The worry of embarrassment from earlier games has subsided now that we’ve kinda achieved par, while we’re far enough away still that I haven’t got my hopes up enough yet for them to be painfully shattered.


They better win farken

Fuck off, reached par?
I nearly cried at the thought of the world cup win.

Fire up farken

And what about the bloody French? BASTARDS!


At times this tournament both teams have looked pretty ordinary, so let’s see who shows up for each.

Kerr hatrrick

Should’ve dont the whole Pyrotechnics show at 3am next to the French hotel

Both teams started slowly but have grown into the tournament, which is what you want. No point Japan smashing everyone early on, then getting knocked out like they did yesterday.

My expectations are not that high. France have a lot of experience, quality and big-name players. They’re also capable of playing at a higher tempo than we are, and that’s the biggest worry for me. The Matildas will likely have to play one of the best games they’ve ever played to beat them in a tournament setting, even at home.

And I hope to god we do not play EVE up front like we have been. She won some headers against Denmark, but she’ll win absolutely zero against France’s CB pairing. The only time we should be playing in the air against this lot is to either switch flanks or to try and get in behind their back line.

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Too much mild positivity.

10-0 loss incoming


I can see us starting super nervous. As long as we can survive that phase of the game, then some positivity may ensue

Let’s hope Australia can win on the field, cause if its a battle of tactical tinkering, the French have the edge in the dugout



Baguette aux pêches

Ugh. Same team. Kerr on bench.

EVE is going to have to help out the midfield more than she’s been doing. I know its likely tactical, but she’s been sitting next to Fowler a lot more in the last few games. She’s had a few goal involvements but I still don’t think she’s been that effective overall. She’s less of a striker/forward than Fowler is.

I assume we will be seeing kerr early in the 2nd half or at halftime if we are already down by 2 goals.

Can’t really fault going with the same lineup though given our last 2 performances

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“If Sam is fit to play 90 minutes, she’s starting,” Gustavsson said. “There’s not even a question, and the team knows it. We’re talking about Sam Kerr here. Whether she is ready to play 90 minutes plus extra time, that’s to be decided tonight. But there is no question whatsoever that if she is, she’s starting.”

So she’s not fit then

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In the ground here, excitement building :slight_smile:

Kerr had to be almost zero chance of going a potential 120 minutes. You assume not till second half which is over an hour away, makes sense to not warm her up until half time and have her cool down again.

Most looked very sharp in warm up


Cool Welcome to Country.

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Who was asking about waltzing Matilda?

Loved it