R16: Australia vs Denmark 7 August

Just over 24hrs to go. Still the questions over Kerr’s fitness.

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Fire up now.

What’s the word been with Kerr? I presume the same as the last game - on the bench just in case but best if we don’t need her at all?

Should be an insane atmosphere tomorrow night. Approx 80k people, knock out match in a home World Cup. Doesn’t get much bigger


I’d be surprised if we see her at all. Still convinced shes out for the tournament

In all fairness, every player who isn’t starting is “on the bench” at a World Cup. The allowed substitutes is however many players are not ruled out through suspension.

I reckon Kerr will only come on if there’s five minutes to go and we’re a goal down, or if we’re two minutes from a penalty shoot-out. I don’t see her being risked otherwise.

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It’s stadium Australia… It’s not going to be insane atmosphere.


Tony Gustavsson has, in fact, telegraphed it already, referring to Kyah Simon and specifying the sort of impact she could have on the latter stages of the tournament as a ‘game-changer’ in one of his press conferences. Don’t be surprised if this game or another goes all the way and in the final minutes of stoppage time, Simon - who has nerves of steel and shown up in many big Matildas moments over the years - is brought on simply to take a penalty.

Why does this not start till 8.30pm?

There’s an extra hour between kick-off times now to allow for the chaos of last night (ET / penalties).

Guess it’s the lesser evil compared to England vs Nigeria starting at 4:30pm.

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England vs Nigeria is on at 5:30, and they need to allow for 120 mins + PKs. Then the pre-game show needs to say PK no less than 40 times prior to the next game kicking off.


Fair enough. Two games and time for extrqas and pennos makes sense.

Doesn’t explain why game 1 doesn’t start at 4pm mind!

Hospital is closed tonight, I’m putting a sign on the door.


Are you gonna be right for work tomorrow, staying up past 8.30 on a school night!


No! I’m going to be grumpy!

Named an unchanged lineup from the Canada game

Thanks Gianni, very nice seat.


Crowd sounds so loud on TV

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Denmark looking really good