Round 1 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne - 8/10/22

We’re back at home! I’m absolutely pumped for this game, way more than other season openers in recent years.

Looks like it’s going to be some absolutely shithouse weather, which will be a real test of the new roof right off the bat. Hopefully it doesn’t put too much of a handbrake on the ticket sales but I fear that it might.


Any idea how ticket sales are tracking? PAX offering? I know the club said there were “fewer than 400 lower bowl reserved seats” remaining, but that doesn’t really tell us that much.

An offering for the PAX Gods would be much appreciated. My thinking is we have 10k members, and say 80% will turn up. Also we have SCG Trust members, which I kind of forgot about, that will give us an extra 1-3k each game that we’ve missed the past 3 years. So that’s maybe 11k or so. I think we’ll end up with 16-17k, and end up averaging around 10k as the season goes on.

Interest in the league in general after Covid seems to be down. It will take time for it to bounce back. The optimist in me says with P+ improving the content, games on at more reasonable and predictable times (no 3x home games a week at God knows which suburban ground, with mid week games)…momentum will be back for the league in general and this will be a great season.

As for the game itself - complete dice roll. 1-1 draw.


On-field, I’d take a draw for sure. Victory were looking formidable even before adding Nani.

I cannot wait for this… super excited to be going “home”

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Anyone know what time gates open? I’m planning a very early start at beer o’ clock, sucking one down to stay hydrated at each and every venue along the arduous trek up Mt Foveaux, and getting usual spot at back of 23 before it gets too choccas.

Heads up, of course there’s fucking trackwork on both the Metro and T1 lines if crossing the Bridge from the north. Plan accordingly.

Still, can. not. wait. :beers:


Regardless of what the crowd is, it’ll be enough of a reward for those that stuck by the club during the Kogarah years to just play a home game back at our real home, blasting ‘We are Sydney’ while standing on the sidelines and seeing the boys walk out - maybe even a tifo from The Cove if we’re lucky…it might bring a small tear to my eye that I’ll blame on the rain and the roof that must have a leak in it somewhere that they’ll need to fix.


Arse blasting!

I hate Melbourne.

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I will enjoy this if we win

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Club has just emailed out match day info: :+1:

$6 Furphy Schooners 6:15-7:15 is a good deal

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Aside from the fact it’s Victorian beer with a big fuck-off sized chevron.


and it’s terrible…


So fucking keen.

I’ve been roped into helping the sister in law help move house in the morning, hopefully done by midday. The missus wants to then go and look at display villages for housing ideas. So fingers crossed, that’s done by 3-ish. Home, shower, then be dropped off at the station, train to Central and meet a mate I haven’t seen in ages who is coming to the game with me, for some well-overdue beers.

I’ve got the night off from the babies, it wasn’t so much asking permission - I’ve had this date circled on the calander since it was announced.


Paying more than 10c for Furphy is a ripoff.

Awful beer.

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I was planning to walk across the bridge anyway but currently there is a 91% chance of rain. Yay!

will there be a tifo? on the new yt video by the cove there was a tifo being painted and was wondering if that was an old video or a tifo for the big blue.

cannot wait FORZA SYDNEY



I think what’s in the video is a new fence banner.

Will there be a Tifo? …mabye

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