Round 10 - Sydney FC vs CCM - 30/01/22

There’s a fence at the front of the bay so your view will be restricted a little if you’re not every tall because you have the advertising fence and a bit of wire/poles in the way.

I’d probably avoid restricted view, if the ball is close to that side of the pitch you won’t be able to see it. Not the worst thing in the world but would be annoying.

4pm game :confused:

I like the 4pm game for a Sunday. Even with a fair stroll, couple of train changes and a bit of a trackwork bus, I still get home well before some stupid late hour. Much appreciated.

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Tillies have a 7pm kickoff, so works out well.

Leichardt is drag to get to. It takes us 22 mins to drive or 90 mins on public transport.
The public transport trips home from leichardt were torture after conceding late equalisers to heart and the pissants last year.
I swore I wouldn’t bother with leichardt this year but Milos requested all our company on Tuesday night and I for one, will not be letting him down.


You’re complaining about a 22 minute drive??? Are you from Sydney?


Jesus wept

You realise if you drive to Leichhardt you then have to park in Leichhardt?

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And Ive seen an ad for this match on youtube.

Only one more game at Leichhardt to go after this one. Great news.

It’s only a small step up from a local park.

Oh hail the Cumdog! Expected to see pitch time today.

Yet a step above kogarah

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It’s annoying that somewhere 20 odd mins drive away takes 90 mins on pt. It cancels any chance of a boozy lunch and parking in leichardt is dire.

If you’re willing to walk 10 mins there is a heap of parking around Leichhardt, look on the other side of Balmain Rd. I have always found a park with ease even like 15 mins before kick off. It seems busier than Kogarah because of the narrower streets, and closer to Leichhardt Oval is a mess, but 10-15 min walk from the stadium you’ll find a spot easily. I get your point around drinking though, PT to Leichhardt Oval is a nightmare.


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Good team that Corica has put out there. Many of us had called for both Amini and Talbot to start. I reckon Wood would have started too if not for having Covid. Pretty much the best we can do. It is hot and humid as hell out there, both teams are going to struggle.

Talbot earned the start, hoping for same again and that he grabs his chance.

Talbot 9000 getting a first start is great. Hope Amini/Retre can also allow Yazbek a good rest… unless Patty also has COVID

Will be interesting to see how this goes. I’m not yet sold on Amini being a CM in our midfield, and hopefully this is the game that convinces me.