Round 10 - Sydney FC vs CCM - 30/01/22

Will we play? Will it be cancelled? Will Zullo be fit?!

If we do play, I feel the previous game threw up some interesting selection questions. Obviously we all know that Corica is quite conservative in his line-up choices so let’s be real: nothing is going to change. However, we can still speculate. Talbot had a good cameo at right back mid-week and I’d be keen to see him get some more minutes.

A Wood-Kamsoba starting attack might be worth it here, with Buhagiar as the impact sub.

  • Zullo is one week away
  • Wood should take Trent’s spot so that (a) we can make relatively like-for-like changes (Elvis for Trent, Patty for Bobô) if things are going well/okay, (b) we have the option to bring on more pace (Buhagiar) or a better poacher and aerial presence (Bobô) as circumstances dictate.
  • Looking forward to a not-Kogarah game.
  • Arnie has really screwed us with his selections. Why not Davidson, Atkinson and Glover?
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Reminder to all that this game is at Leichhardt, and your season ticket won’t work if you have a membership that has a reserved seat. You would have got an email from the club if you have to book a seat.

For the game, expecting a bit of a hangover from Tuesday still, but signs were promising. With half our team still injured/unavailable I think we will still struggle, CCM seem to have our number.

Alfie posted pictures of him training… hopefully hes not too far away now

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In before all the gripes about Leichhardt being a shit ground. I actually prefer it to Kograh. Closer to the action, and beers on the hill on a Sunday arvo, can’t say no. Almost has a Conference League feel to it.

Shitty that the Mariners have the wood on us at the moment. I honestly don’t think they’re much better than us, but the form guide swings slowly between them and us. They’ll have a good patch against us, then we’ll have a good patch against them. I think they see the match as a bit of a derby, because they always seem up for the game.

What is obvious is that we need to put a much better performance in than we did when they ran right past us in Gosford and in the Cup Semi. A performance like Tuesday night and we’re in with a shout of a win.

Would like to see Talbot start ahead of VDS. He performed well off the bench. Yazbekistan deserves another start. He looks hungry top play regularly. Amini deserves a start too. Maybe Corica can rest Retre.

Start Wood and Elvis, and have Buhagier off the bench. Petition the APL to make a rule that When Buhagier takes a shot, if it goes past the post but inside the perimeter of the 6 yard box, it counts as a goal.


Didnt we just play like 17 games?

If we play as well as we did against Melbourne then we should be golden

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How the fuck do I get there now the light rail is down? Park 5km away and walk?

I have found that you can reliably park throughout the various spots in Callan Park and then walk over, which is about ten minutes. The car park around the NSW Ambulance HQ on Balmain Rd is usually a good bet.

Wood has the 'rona

Can park at La Montage as well if need be


If you’re going through the CBD there is the 437 bus from QVB to Mary St. But that fucker is going to be a nightmare to get back on post-game.

The 440 runs all the way to Darling Street via Balmain Road.

Wouldnt have these hassles at the SCG …

doesn’t take much to jog 5 ks!

I have a silver flexi membership but haven’t been able to get to games much the last couple of years, this is the first time I’ve tried to redeem in advance. I got the email from the club that says “As a reserved seat Member you are able to book your preferred seat now”, but when I click through and add my member number there are no $0 options, I can only add full price tickets. Does that mean I should just use my card at the gate or have I done something wrong?

Ignore, that, it’s passcode, not member number I need to enter.

You got it, should be the barcode on the back of the card.

Another quick question, what are the restricted view seats like in Bay 11 down the front?