Round 10 - Sydney FC vs Wellington - 29/12/23

Back to reality! Still, this feels like a bit of a free hit given where both clubs are at.

Even with how badly we’re going, this is one of the few games I can remember where I go into this game with zero expectation of any points. I wonder if this will actually be good for my health!

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They’re top of the league and flying. We’re going to get ass blasted.

Also keep in mind its a double header. Get there early for the women if possible.

It would feel wrong to tell people to avoid putting a little something on the Nix. They are heavy favourites surely?


Wow. You’ve got to be shitting me. They have a pretty atrocious record against us in Sydney, I think, but they’re pretty much everything we’re not at the moment. We struggled to break down the Wanderers, who were similarly disinclined to concede on the road against us.

I honestly don’t know what to think with this game, getting constantly caught out in defence isn’t helping.Surely they’ll be one game where we can turn it around defending hopefully it’s this one.2-1 win is possible.

I predict a slow, painful death in this game as Wellington win 1-0 with about 35% possession and us barely looking close to scoring. For added salt to the wounds, Barbarouses will probably smash the winner in.

The only reason I think we’re a chance is because they’re likely missing Zawada. I know we’re still terrible in most areas but he would be odds on to get at least 1-2 goals against our defence if he were playing, they’re a little less convincing in attack with him missing.

I suppose another thing that gives us hope is that they were also expected to beat the Jets, but inexplicably collapsed and lost 3-0. Was one of those games where if something could go wrong for them, it did. Otherwise, they’ve been solid as a rock.

What the fuck?

I double checked and it’s definitely the men’s not the women’s game too. Thought it must have been a mistake.

$2 for the Wellington double chance is a good bet too

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That’s worthy of a cheeky pineapple, surely.

The $4.33 about Brisbane isn’t bad either.
I know they’ve lost 2 in a row and Aloisi has gone but City aren’t exactly playing the house down.

It’s now come in to $3.90. With all the SFCU bets going on

Chuck on a SGM - Wellington to Score first, over 2.5 goals, and a Kosta Barbarouses goal, and you’re looking at being able to purchase ALL the pre-Easter Hot Cross Buns.

Gamble responsibly.

What’s gambling really costing you?

Chances are you’re about to lose.

Imagine what you could be buying instead.


They had a xG of 0.0 in their 1-1 draw against Victory.

What day is it? I dont know what day im on

PAX 3731, so not a bumper crowd I suspect