Round 11 - Sydney FC vs Wellington - 7/1/23

The club has put this on Facebook.

Due to the rain experienced yesterday, both grass car parks will be CLOSED today ⛔️

PUBLIC TRANSPORT IS INCLUDED in your ticket/membership and we recommend utilising these to get to the game 🚆

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Good point well made.
Tbh we have the same issue - we usually park on Moore Park Rd/Oxford St but I assume it’ll be impossible there today.
We’d be walking distance from the Randwick tram depot if not for the 3yo in tow, so may park somewhere along the tram route and go half/half.

papa will be tested today… lets hope he is up to it, rodwell is not broken and a clean sheet ensues.

Babies are set for their first live disappointment today.

Although it may depend on parking. And weather.




No Brattan doesn’t bode well. Was feeling confident prior

Maybe with Rodwell in that’ll firm up the backline enough to keep things not completely awful

Unbelievable. They’ve put the women’s game on the big screen. How many years has it taken?


So no drinks or food outlets at the cove end of the stadium are open.

Obviously not expecting a big crowd!

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Food shut again, bar queues back to the good ol’ days. I want Hemmes out more than Corica x Donachie to the power of infinity.


On the way to bring the nephew down for fans on the field, and we’ve remembered our own ball for once. Nobody else in colours on the tram from Kensington, which I’m hoping is because I’m late for KO and not because nobody is coming…

No Brattan is a real concern. We looked incredibly clueless the last time he was missing.

They no longer have Balter XPA. Second home game I’ve been to now that they don’t have it. Anyone know if they have it in other parts of the stadium? Was one of the good things about the new stadium!

Redmayne captain… i thought it would’ve gone to grant

What’s the significance of the no mobiles banner? I s it telling me to stop doing exactly this?

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What’s the no mobile phone two-stick about?

Phoenix have one of the better and most identifiable shirts in the league … so they go with this dour shit for no apparent reason.

Really think clubs devalue their brand when they wear away/change kits for no reason.


I feel like if it takes that long to assess a head injury… the player should be a subbed.

Edit: Good it looks like theyre doing the right thing there.

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And didn’t he look happy.

Insert goo here.