Round 11 - Sydney FC vs Wellington - 7/1/23

Well let’s hope we carry our form forward here. This is a good chance to test if we just played well against crap opposition or if we are genuinely not as bad as we previously thought.

The last time I moved interstate from Sydney, I delayed my departure to make one last game.

It was also against Wellington, and we were 3 down by half time.

Not particularly confident but there was some good signs against Jets. Hopefully Rodwell can last another 90 and keep building his form.

We have to keep our momentum going, an unchanged line up id imagine

It seemed to me that one decent CB in the backline and a return to form by ALF in the front line was all that was needed to turn despair into hope last week, hope we can reproduce this on Saturday. Pairing Gurd with Rodwell should improve the squad.

We’re going to get arse blasted!


If Rodwell’s duct tape holds we should be OK.

I’ve just gone through there last 7 games they’ve had some descent results.Still think we can win though.

8 posts in a day?

Is SFCU post-football?

Sydney FC certainly is


Need to win games like this if we’re to have a shot at top 6. Good signs last week, Wellington went for it against City and they’re similar to us in terms of decent attack/bad defence.

Their for/against is 18-18 and ours is 16-18. Should be an exciting game, hope we can keep a clean sheet again.

I think the Nux are entertaining on the eye this season.
Got a feeling we’ll get a win here, 3-2

We’re 2 from 2 when Rodwell starts.

I still believe. 2-0 win to get our season back on track.


Remember the cricket test is on (weather notwithstanding) so parking will be a shit show


Any suggestions? I normally put the car in at the girls school and walk across with the kids….

Kensington/Randwick and get the free tram


We’re going to win 3-nil.

Leave the car at home and have 20 cans


Then sell the car to pay off the credit card


Always my preference, as you well know, but the kids are less keen on this outcome.

If the rain clears, we may do public transport