Round 12 - Sydney FC vs Western United - 12/02/22

This has the potential to be a really good game. We should hopefully have a bit more of a normal starting eleven.

An opportunity to go top IF the Westies get a win.

Biggest question is whether THB keeps his place. Would be very hard to drop him, yet he is in for a current Socceroos squad keeper…

It’s a big dilemma for Corica. The interesting thing is that he started THB against Adelaide when he could have started Redmayne. Not much more THB can do really.

A factor for me is that THB is contracted until 2022/23 and Redmayne appears to be off contract at the end of this season. Do we develop THB and get him set to be first choice in 2022/23 and only use Redmayne if THB slips up? I think Corica will end up sticking with Redmayne.

Apart from that I hope to see Wood and ALF start up front. Bobo has been very effective lately coming on in the last 20-30 when we’ve needed him.

Elvis has to start, he’s been tearing it up when he’s played up front.
We lose a bit when he drops back.

I think Redmayne will come back in - clearly the number 1 over the last few seasons and despite THB playing great, he would know the pecking order outside of form.

Elvis and ALF up front with the same midfield from the last game would be ideal, depending on fitness. Obviously with Grant coming back in at RB. It is probably as strong as we are going to get this season until/when Kosta and Brattan are fit again.

Can’t change a winning team. Besides I liked the super subs we put on. Feel sorry for Max though deserves a start considering he has created heaps lately

Fair point, probably better to see ALF/Elvis up front. We will have good attacking options on the bench if we need them. Wood/Bobo are great players to have when needed. You do feel for Trent but imagine he goes to the bottom of the pecking order now.

For anyone keen to spend 5 whole hours inside the Jubilee shithole don’t forget it’s a double header, the Nix are hosting Adelaide beforehand with a 4:50pm kickoff (our game starts 7:45pm).

And the Jets play Victory at the same time.

Could be a huge day for our season. One way or the other.

Is everything from Keep Up just recycled from AAP?

They’re marketing this as “Come see the maestros; Diamanti and Ninkovic”, so what money it’s Burgess who rips it up most.

Considering they’re marketing it, nailed for a boring 0-0 draw

This with 1 shot in the whole game

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Redmayne comes in… THB is getting better but Redmayne is our number 1

Assume Amini is fit as we haven’t heard to the contrary

You’d assume so, but I think Corica, has at times, shown that he will drop an under-performing player or promote a squaddie, if they’ve shown merit. He’s sticks to the basic formation, but he’s not so stubborn about the personnel in that formation.

The GK spot does always have a little bit more inertia around it though, agreed…

THB has done incredibly well, but I was thinking about Redmayne’s insane performance against the CCM FFA Cup semi loss which I had probably put out of my memory. Redmayne has the experience as well.

Hard to get excited for another night at Kogarah with this rain

THB gets the vote of confidence from Corica, good for him. No Caceras or Yazbek


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