Round 12 (Unite Round) - Adelaide vs Sydney FC - 13/1/24

Remember, your memberships will not work for this game.

Anything less than a 5-1 win again and we have to start asking questions about if Uffie is the right man for the job.

with all five coming from Fabio… otherwise he’s on the next plane outta here


A win here, and we could jump as high as third (so long as Wanderers, City and the Mariners all lose).

A draw, we pretty much stay in 7th.

A loss, we could drop as low as 10th (depending on other results).

So I’m predicting a 3-2 win, with Joe Lolley and Fabio getting the goals. Irakunda will nab 2 late goals when he comes off the bench, and make it a bit clenchy for the final 10-15.

4 wins on the trot would be an excellent thing to see given our start to the season. Potentially 5 wins next week against a stubborn Newcastle, but let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves.

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What I’m hearing here is we’re gonna win the league


Irankunda missed the match last time we played them but has been a regular starter for them since then. He’s looked very dangerous over the last few months with some terrific runs, crosses and chances created so I’m expecting him to tear King a new arsehole.


Can’t wait to see what a stadium with 4 sets of supporters will go like, particularly the far end of the ground that has the bucket throwers and the pissants next to each other. Good call!

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How many times do you reckon the people at the gates will have to turn away our members who didn’t pay attention?

“Wait, why isn’t my QR working?”
“You need a ticket.”
“But I have a membership!”


I mentioned this in another thread, but it was like that when we played Wellington at Campbelltown, and it was a Wellington home game.

It was quite funny seeing the mums and dads all get their knickers in a twist at the gate. I remember one middle-aged lady with her two daughters absolutely berating and going full Karen mode on a poor security guard who was jut shrugging his shoulders. He couldn’t give a fuck. I did tell her it wasn’t a Sydney home game, to which she was absolutely aghast and informed me she would be complaining to the club.

I bet the membership department got a few vicious emails that evening from people who can’t read.


Do we have any indication of how many people will be there?

Like, are we talking about 4 sets of supporters? Or more like 4 supporters?

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I’m gonna say given how desperate the messaging around this weekend has come off, probably the latter.

Nestory to score

Watch him score the winner in a 3-2 smash and grab.

Daniel Garb will be more unbearable than ever. He probably writes a love letter to him nightly.

Mak, King, Jack and Corey all gone off for scans - Talay on GGSen :rofl:

Well fuck

King? FFS. If folks thought he would struggle this weekend then Nestory is going to make Merivale record profits with the amount of hot dogs JCP gets sent for. :sweat_smile:


Can we sue Suncorp Stadium for putting out such a shit pitch if they’re long term injured?

No different to suing Wollies for slipping on a grape

I can’t speak for how serious Nath was about suing, but a poorly maintained pitch is not particularly like a dropped grape.

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Pax 3394, purchased earlier this evening

Not very, but if they put out a field looking like it’s the front lines of Ukraine and players are injured as a result, surely they need to be held accountable.

If not them, the APL for allowing the fixture to go ahead and be played on that surface.

A few years ago Macarthur nearly had to move a few of the early season games because Campbelltown Council had turned out a complete shitshow of a pitch. More coverage on Rueben Zadkovich’s head then there was grass on the field. It kinda looked like Carl Vearts face (cheap, yeah I know) and they were forced to re-lay it a week before the opening round.

Granted, 3/4 of Suncorp looked re-laid, but whatever the reason for that 60 x 10 meter strip of unlaid turf, it’s just not good enough. You would never see that sort of shit in the Premier League or European leagues. It’s disgraceful enough that our brand new multi million dollar stadium had the northern end re-laid turf not bedding in, and looking worse for wear.

If they ran out of grass, or the last delivery of grass hadn’t been made, tough shit. Postpone the game, or move it to the Dolphins Club, or Gold Coast, or the old ANZ Stadium.

Hopefully none of the players are too badly injured, but I can’t imagine playing on that surface on the weekend would have done any good for any niggles.