Round 13 - Sydney FC vs Newcastle - 19/01/24

A real chance to bounce back against another pretty lacklustre team.

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I can see us winning, but I also don’t see us conceding less than three goals. Newcastle are pretty good in transition, from memory.

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Newcastle still has a team?

Trent Buhagier to score a hat-trick against us and down us 3-1.


The same Newcastle that smacked Wellington away 3-0? We’re going to get ass blasted.

In all seriousness though it’s a bad sign when you internally cringe for a second when you see a new match thread pop up and are reminded that we’ll have to do it all over again in a few days.

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They were in the first half against Brisbane (I didn’t stick around for the second half), but they’re not particularly quick like Adelaide, so it might be the sort of transition that we can cope with? Maybe I’m just underestimating them.

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Can’t make it to the game so I’m expecting us to win.

Upgraded to Tunnel Club for this, so if it’s the same team sheet Uffie’s gonna hear about it.

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Will be coming in straight from work. Self reminder to pack my Jersey and scarf in the car Thursday night.

Felt weird the last time I came in directly from the office in my business attire.

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Might watch the highlights. Might not.

That’s about as a committed as I am to this fixture.

Discount tix available


So much love for ozbargain!!

So back to using my membership to get in then…

Those plans have sadly fallen through and I will be there for our 4-3 loss


Hey we can’t expect you to give us a decent result but if you can at least give us the entertainment of another 7-goal game, then that’s the next best thing.

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Kucharski ruled out with concussion and no players returning.

JK is having shit luck recently with getting a run of games. I guess Burgess could slot into the starting line-up.


3-1 win.

If we can’t beat Newcastle, fold the club.

I predict a 4-3 win. Not sure who’s going to score our goals, but their defence is pretty bad so we’ll find enough chances to put at least four away. I just don’t have any faith we’ll concede less than three if we keep the same defensive line-up.