Round 13 - Western United vs Sydney FC - 21/1/22

Rodwell is listed as unavailable/injured so not yet.

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Fuck sake, he really is made of glass. Calling it now, Wilko will play more matches this season than Rodwell

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If we don’t give away corners we’ll win.

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Have made alternative plans to go watch the Blue Sox instead, iirc the last SFC game I didn’t watch live was the 5-0 Australia Day massacre under Farina so happy to take credit for any repeat.

I’ve spent the last five hours building Ikea furniture, and I’ve got another hour of that ahead of me. I can’t believe my reward is watching us get beaten by Western in front of 500 people.


Every week I think we can’t hit a new low but I get proven wrong, let’s see what happens this time.

On the plus side Lacroix is playing for them, on the down side Donachie is playing for us.

Prijovic out for them? That’d be a bonus.

That line up should be good :frowning:

He went off injured early last week, surprised he was even named in the squad this week.

Apologies to all, I’ll be subbing Prijovic out and Lolley in to fantasy team, end product guaranteed to disappear.

Is this on channel 10 as well or do we have to take our chances with Paramount?

Definitely Paramount+ only. Saturday game on 10 is always the 7:30 game.

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Paramount+ working for me

Is it still taking P+ hours to get full replays up? Won’t be able to watch this one live.

Yep still not a quick thing from what I’ve seen.

Decent Sydney turnout there, I’m amazed.

Gorgeous little ground. Not great for football but a lovely view


Is this in Launceston?

Same could be said for the whole of Tasmania


Hobart…TCA Ground.

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