Round 15 - Sydney FC vs CCM - 4/02/23

Yeah this is not going to go well.


We’ve made a habit of saving our worst performances for the week after a win right?

We’re gonna get arse blasted!

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We all should go early to watch the women. They’re a chance of a point at least

Can we play all our games away for the rest of the season? I don’t wanna go to another loss…

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I am looking forward to this. And it is a strange feeling which i expect to be sucked from me within the first ten minutes

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I’m really on the fence as to whether I can actually be bothered going. If our game wasn’t depressing, the cost of parking, more fucking chicken tenders because nothing is open and a $14 Balter definitely is depressing.

Don’t forget there is a fair amount of trackwork this weekend as well. The Northshore line and the metro I believe

Don’t forget the shortage of bus drivers, high petrol prices, dodgy cabbies, and those bloody food delivery bike riders clogging up the streets!

I for one cannot wait for our first game of the season against Mt Druitt.


I am taking the kids on the bus and light rail (normally drive in) but with the 5pm kick off, i plan to embrace the $14 balters…

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Our first visit to the stadium since renovations. Very excited.

Yellow Army is doing this as a retro round. Pregame organised at the KB like the old days and wear sow early season clothing.

All to honour our first away trip there and Noel Spencer scoring a Brosque deflected free kick to win 3-2 in injury time.


Can’t wait to get to the game, I haven’t been since we drew with Adelaide because a series of family and holiday commitments.
Anyway I’m sure we’re going to lose, but whatever as long as we put a couple through them.

Pretty sure that was the first HAL game I ever watched (at home on tele), as a part-timer I didn’t bother attending until after Uruguay and the CWC.

Happy to join your retro round in spirit by questioning my subsequent life choices though. :wink:

P.S. couldn’t have been Brosque, he was at Roar in season one.

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I’ve committed to a 175km bike ride in a month or two so need to get up at 5am to train for it. Otherwise I’d be right there with you!

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Sounds like that would be a lot easier post Balter embrace…

You’ve got it the wrong way round, it’s a lot easier to drink a Balter post bike ride.

How the fuck did Brosque deflect a free kick in a SFC v CCM game when he was playing for Brisbane?

UNfortunatley, the rest of your story checks out.

And fuck me, but I picked the wrong season to try and go 365 days alcohol free …

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