Round 16 - 2019/20 Discussion

Nux vs Jets - Friday 5:15pm
CCM vs Brisbane - Saturday 5pm
City vs Perth - Saturday 7:30pm
Western United vs Adelaide - Sunday 6:00pm

Why would you not have a double header on the Sunday given it’s a long weekend?

Perth - should be a great game

I guess cos 5pm Sat is the standard FTA slot and 7:30 Sat viewed as prime match-up. They’d only be shifting the Friday game to Sunday, where I’m guessing it’s not a public holiday. :wink:


  • Get on the us, nux, roar multi



As for not having a double header on the Sunday, I’m sure the Big Blue would’ve been on Sunday if not for Victory’s Tuesday qualifier in Japan.

I don’t want your logic, I want solutions damn it!

Also they didn’t have to have a Nux home game this weekend when they came up with the draw.

Oh yeah, that too!

All five games to be draws this weekend. Spirit of Australia.

I’m a big fan of the complete and utter contempt the one kiwi commentator has towards VAR. He’s disgusted every time there’s a delay.

Jason Hoffman is a bigger donkey than Zdonk

100% offside but VAR has let it go. Well alright.

I didn’t think it looked offside I thought they were even.

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I need the magic line. Won’t be able to sleep.

Bozza, is that you?

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Wilson has been absolutely shocking

As demonstrated in the last few minutes. It was like someone demanded a demonstration of Hoofman’s shitness compared to even a fairly modest striker like Arroyo.

A bit of luck for Welly to get in front again but that’s what happens for a team going well against a team going badly.

Some save from Marinovic to secure the win

I’m watching the mini match of the other game now. Bloody hell if Newcastle has a halfway decent striker they would have been comfortably up well before half time.

Good to see the Nux drawing solid crowds.

This game has not been great. I feel like I’m being lulled to sleep.