Round 16 - CCM vs Sydney FC - 10/2/24

Mariners are playing in New Zealand today, which is a bit of a boon for us as it gives us some prep time. But if we play like we did in the past game then we’re going to get absolutely done here.

Mariners could be returning from Jupiter & it wouldn’t make much difference.


Do they still shoot that cannon?

That’s all I’ve got.


I choose to be optimistic that we won’t play as badly as we did against WU. If we do, the Mariners will put 10+ past us. Seeing they’re decent/good professional players, I don’t see that happening.

We will still have a massive problem if Lacerda is out for this one, though. Matthews and JGR as the CB combo does not fill me with confidence at all. We could avoid it if De Jesus is available and is picked, but that would probably mean Grant going LB and JCP going CB. I’m not sure if that’s much better. We’ve really been screwed by injuries in a vulnerable position.

I’m heartened by the fact our recent record against them is pretty good. Form didn’t seem to factor much into it.

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Will they still have drops in their hair?


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taking ass blasted to new heights.


If BOGO means “buy one get one”, that is generally how transactions work. If you’re getting anything less than that, I would suggest talking to someone to assist.


Get the feeling we’ll put in a good performance but a marginal loss incoming. Just enough to keep me confused about whether I like Talay or not, which I assume is going to be an ongoing thing indefinitely.

We’re so fucked, but at least it’s a nice trip. :palm_tree::palm_tree::palm_tree:

Don’t worry it will be grand We obviously won’t keep a clean sheet but we will score more than them. 1-3 to the good guys

P.S we are the good guys

Yellow fuckers



SBS is showing the Jet Li classic “Hero” on Saturday night.

So you know, better than Daft Punk.

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We’re gonna get ass blasted.

Track works on Saturday on Cronulla/South Coast line. Add at least an hour to your travel time if planning to to travel on public transport from the Shire


Another point for not living in The Shire.

Gutted af by that lacerating put down…


Joel king looks to be in full training as per the Facebook pictures. So he might potentially start and move JCP to CB


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Really tough game for us. Adelaide away on the weekend and then had to travel to Wellington on Tuesday. Boys looked tired in that twenty minutes.

We also have to plan for a AFC Cup match Tuesday night.