Round 16 - CCM vs Sydney FC - 10/2/24

Move over, Edvard Munch. The Scream has been modernised.


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First time he’s seen ladybits.


Yep seems to fit. He is in Cove heights after all!

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I don’t see “a player missed a sitter” on the same level as “football administrators in crisis”

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To be honest, i think celebrating the “peak A-League” stuff isn’t a bad avenue. The common thing the morons that only watch European football highlights say is that they cant watch our league because it sucks.

If our response is “Yeah so what cunt, here’s an article about it, see you Saturday or fuck off” I think that can be liberating. The Mariners are a model of what a lot of the club needs to do; embrace the sauce bottles, palm trees canons, whatever it takes. Get the cowbells in, take your shirts off in the 80th minute, Hawaiian shirts for away days. Let’s stop thinking we need to be Europe and try doing whatever the fuck works. Very MLS like in many ways…



Sure, but not exactly persuasive…

They need to work a bit on their half-time entertainment, though. A distinct lack of toddler races on Saturday there. Most disappointing.


Yeah, but wouldn’t most of the parents be close to toddler age too?




Toddlers on meth races.

Not condoning, but I wouldn’t be surprised.


Don’t let Peter Thiel get wind of this idea


Not getting the reference…

He’s the guy that wants to put on an Olympics where the athletes are allowed to dope.



I thought he might have been done for drugging kids or something…

Also into (or at least the idea) injecting himself with young people’s blood. Like a pantomime ghoul.

On the side of a football field on a Saturday. Definitely.

I’d back Talay to find someone next season who can do Wood’s job, but actually be better at everything else than Wood is. It might take using a foreigner spot to get there, but I’d be surprised if Talay sticks with Wood as a starter next season.

Talay is doing alright with a team that isn’t his, and doesn’t have all of the natural ingredients he needs to play the way he wants to. He has made the team fitter than it has been for years, but you wouldn’t say many players in the squad are known for having big engines.

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Would be surprised if Wood isn’t moved on next season.

I hope he starts against Adelaide. Simply for the reason that he needs to try and get a goal to bury the hatchet of that miss.

He wouldn’t have slept much over the last few nights - he’s probably still replaying it over in his head. Probably spent the bus trip home staring out of the window with a 200-yard stare as the bus drove down the F3.

Hopefully he doesn’t dwell on it too much, but I am now in the camp that Wood needs to move on at seasons end. Perhaps he’ll go on and do a Blackwood or something and find himself a contract in an obscure league somewhere. The kid has talent, but like all of of our locally produced strikers, they just can’t seem to find it here.

That opportunity was not afforded to Fabio, was it?

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