Round 16 - Melbourne Victory vs Sydney - 24/1/20

What are the pre-game plans for this one?

Looking forward to seeing a strong effort in this game,will it be a full strength team to start?

Zullo,Grant,Bratten to return to starting line up?

Any decent places to stay with parking? Oz open is killing availability/cost so thinking of driving down instead

This might sound silly but if you’re desperate across the road from Tullamarine airport the parkroyal hotel is very decent & there is a 24 hour red shuttle bus backwards & forwards from Southern Cross station.

Theyve got the ACL qualifier against Bali United tomorrow too

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Grant and Brattan back from suspension seem no brainers. VDS and Caceres back to the bench.

Zullo obviously dependant on fitness but King has been doing just fine so whatevs. Away win, the King Cobra to score again.

Love to see our Snake with a hatrick,rub it right in.

Who do they have coaching this week?

This is where I usually stay for Melbourne away

The place Marco Kurz was living in might still be available.


Nabbout, Elvis, that kid Barnett, Roux and Thomas were awful against Adelaide. I know we’ll get AB’d but how?

Nabbout in particular looks afraid of football now. Kurz must have done a number on him.

“I watched a snail crawl along the edge of a straight razor. That’s my dream. It’s my nightmare. Crawling, slithering, along the edge of a straight razor … and surviving.”

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Brilliant scheduling from FFA to let the game be played at the earliest possible opportunity - 3 days after Victory’s ACL qualifier and 14 days after our last competitive game. Long may they reign.

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If youre not feeling motivated for the game or want more motivation:

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The 5-0 down there really has to be the best one, no questions. We even had Frank Farina as the coach, didn’t we?

Yep. It was a an amazing highlight of an otherwise dark time.

Pub for this?

Yes, and their coach was…


Surely Melbourne will rest players for the trip to Japan.

Yep, given the state of their HAL campaign, if you were Salvatua you’d be throwing everything you had at the ACL from this point… which is exactly what it appears they’ve done (and come up with a 5-0 result against Bali)