Round 16 - WSW vs Sydney FC - 5/03/22

I think it’s fair to say that this may not be a classic derby. Two teams well out of form.

Sticking it to Rudan would be nice though.

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Assuming he starts, it’ll be Redders’ 150th appearance for us. Very fitting match for it.


I saw this on the twitter

" Due to rising Parra River and water table, Commbank Stadium couldn’t drain. The WSW vs Wellington game was cancelled.

This week we are getting 3 times more rain than that."

(the W-League game wasn’t cancelled, it was moved, but the point remains.)

If this rain keeps up, it’ll be a water polo game.

Come someone tell me if its off before I get 9n the train?

Classic derby game of us battering them, 25+ shots, stonewall pens denied, and them scoring from a hail mary counter attack with a defender slip or keeper howler.


I would assume this will be postponed.

Well the babe who reads the weather said we are going to have a “rain bomb”! That doesn’t sound alarmist at all

Sounds like a Russian weapon.

It’s so predictable. Nevertheless I will be there and optimistic until the final whistle goes.

Depends on how much it drains on Friday, which is due to be much less rain and a bit warmer.

But yeah I’m not buying tickets until the day before.

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I’ve never heard Tim Bailey described in that way before


He’s the size of a baby

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He’s also a baby by all accounts.

Lots of drips and drops across rooftops and crops.

He got very flustered over me simply saying hello on the street after a Northern Spirit game (this isn’t a euphemism, I literally said "Hi Tim as he walked in my direction) in which he MC’d. I always feel like he must have been ‘abused’ so much on the street that anyone even engaging with him, no matter the intention, was enemy no.1

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I met him in the Bella Vista in Mosman one night… he was playing pool and had to use the rest WAY too often for a table of that size

Did they cancel this yet?

Leichhardt Oval is probably available. Just saying… :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it is relevant or necessary but if anyone wants to use my membership to get a ticket you’re welcome to message me. I don’t go to the derbies but am glad to see someone else get a ticket if they can’t any other way.