Round 17 - Sydney FC vs Brisbane - 18/2/23

Three wins on the bounce, including two against a better squad than Brisbane.

Yeah I can’t see us winning.


Very confident heading into this.

Already getting mentally set for disappointment

Brisbane might be nervous having to play in front of a crowd


We’ve beaten the 3 above us should have beaten adelaide also.Surely 3 points here.

There’s way too much optimism in this thread for a Wednesday morning.


5-0 loss to Sydney

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That’s more like it. I feel much better now.

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1st wedding anniversary, so unfortunately will be ignoring the wife while I watch it on my phone at whatever bar we are at before dinner. She didn’t want to go to the game either, weird…

Given we’ve won 3 on the trot, we’re due to lose to a shit team.

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I would love to be optimistic in winning this comfortably but given our home record is 4 Losses 1 draw and 2 wins, this could really go either way

Shame, you both could have gone to the game and sat at one of the numerous closed bars around the stadium…


Walking from closed food vendor to closed vendor is a very close second to a romantic walk on the beach from what I understand.


The stadium and Meriton should get some street artists to decorate the shop-front shutters at the ground. On game day, these will provide a larger square metre footage than the every warehouse wall in the Inner West - think of how many artists will get their work shown to a captive audience of 15-20k!

Seriously though, murals of St Terry and others would look heaps better than closed shutters.

The problem would be having to include League and Union, so maybe more neutral art would be simpler.

So we can’t have “Politis is a cunt” artistically written across them?


Oh we can, but we’d probably have to spray it on there ourselves.

So you would want the look of a favela? It would definitely make it feel more at home to our supporters from Western Sydney… Allegedly

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Close enough.

Brisbane are exactly the team we’re in danger of losing to. We struggle to deal with teams that sit back and try to soak pressure.


I agree, however the way I remember the game in Brisbane they pretty much came out of the blocks and destroyed us. But I don’t think they will try that again, they will try and frustrate us.

It’ll be an interesting one, very important for us to win this to keep the run going. They’re so beatable but can’t help think it may be similar to Wellington at home, if they go ahead we might choke.

Remember last season, when we played Newcastle up in Newcastle, and Newcastle had 3/4 of their squad out with COVID and other diseases that you get up there, and it was seen as the easiest win you could imagine? Even Newcastle were saying it was going to be incredibly tough to get a result, let alone a win against us?

The worst thing we can do is assume this is an easy winnable game. We’ve had a good few weeks, but we’re not setting the world on fire with our performances. It’s our game to lose on paper, but to write Brisbane off is at our own peril. Brisbane are one of those teams that always lift in games against us.