Round 19 - CCM vs Sydney FC - 23/02/2020

Got to follow that performance up with a big win. One of our hallmarks over the last few years is that when we get beaten, we pick ourselves up the very next game and do better.

Milos to come in too.

Destruction in the waters!

Yes, yes, let’s move on.
Simon will have added skip in his step.
But do need to bounce back well. A cohesive team performance should be what Corica asks for.

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Oh hallowed PAX lord, taketh my current offering of 10,450 in exchange for an ample crowd of Hawaiian shirts and thy Albino Messiah’s presence.



Cove express details:

O blessed and benevolent Pax; though thy bounty knows no limit, the heathens to the North have offered up a number and that number is 10,622 on the ticket I just bought.


Looks like the PAX number starts at 10000


Pox on pax.

All bow before the might of the 2nd half announcement.


If 10000 people turn up to this game I will officially bequeath this forum in my will with all my assets.

Match preview:

Previous Matches


Wins: 22 (50%)

Draws: 10 (22.7%)

Losses: 12 (27.3%)

Sydney FC record at Central Coast Stadium

Wins: 8 (40%)

Draws: 5 (25%)

Losses: 7 (35%)

Last 5 Matches

14/12/19 – Sydney FC 1 – 0 CCM

17/2/19 – Sydney FC 1 – 1 CCM

4/1/19 – Sydney FC 5 – 2 CCM

1/12/18 – CCM 1 – 2 Sydney FC

24/3/18 – CCM 1 – 2 Sydney FC


Biggest Win – 4 goals (3 games):

5/11/05 – CCM 1 – 5 Sydney FC

24/01/14 – CCM 1 – 5 Sydney FC

15/10/16 – Sydney FC 4 – 0 CCM

Biggest Loss – 5 goals:

3/11/12 – Sydney FC 2 – 7 CCM

Most Goals in a Game – 9 goals:

22/12/07 – CCM 4 – 5 Sydney FC

3/11/12 – Sydney FC 2 – 7 CCM

Most Appearances vs CCM – Alex Brosque (25)

Most Goals vs CCM – Alex Brosque (10)

Key Statistics

  • This will be Alex Wilkinson ’s 100th A-League game for Sydney FC. Wilkinson will be only the 10th player to do that in Sydney FC’s history. He has played 118 games for the club overall.
  • Since Steve Corica took over as head coach, there have been only 2 games where Sydney lost by more than 2 goals – both of them were 4-0 defeats against Japanese sides.
  • Adam Le Fondre has scored in 3 of his 4 games against Central Coast.

Note: Appearances and goals only include league games, finals, FFA Cup, OFC and AFC Champions League and Club World Cup.

Coasties shouldn’t try to use big words :stuck_out_tongue:


Everyone get to the game so that we can have Mick’s old lab coat, the old esky the coastie fm commentary team used to use and a lifetime membership the the Mick Malloy Fanclub!


Line-up as predicted:

Warland returns.

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Oh shit yeah I missed that. Great for him!

Is Ivanovic still injured

Feels like forever since we played Brisbane.

Can’t wait to finally see the lads in HAL action again. Bring it on.

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