Round 2 - Brisbane vs Sydney FC - 27/10/23

Okay so let’s see if it was a one off or if we are actually really bad.

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The start of three tricky away games for us. Every possibility that we finish round 4 with 1 or 0 points. Losing on the weekend was a big blow to the momentum we gained from the cup run.

Apparently the weather is going to be mild up there on Friday, so that means that nobody should be evaporating. Then again, emphasis on the word should, because we should’ve been more match fit than our opponents last weekend, but look how that turned out.


I have no idea why but I’m still raging about Saturday night.

Not sure if it was the false feeling after the cup result. After the past few years I’m generally apathetic by this time of the week after another shithouse performance.

Really hope we pull our finger out this week.

Losing to THEM would do it.


I look forward to more goo.


Of the upcoming games, this is the one we have to be getting 3 points from… anything other than that and, as Bluesky said, we could be on zero after four…

I am not confident.


Without looking at historical stats, feels like a fixture we have struggled with over the years and recently. Not confident at all either. Hopefully things start clicking a bit more with Fabio up front and defensively.

Is it the off-season yet?


Anyone else hoping we lose a couple more games and Uffy Talay just walks straight into the job


We just won the Cup, first game of the season and a club legend has one year left on his deal.

We could lose every game this season and the club will just wait to see him off at the end so no point hoping that imo.

The JCP over Adamson decision pains me though.




I am looking forward to Fabio bossing them again.

100% I really really really really hope the team that I love and support and have done so for years, loses every game. That’s the dream!!! I hope we continue losing until we there’s a second division and we get relegated and we lose all of our supporters. Then HOPEFULLY the club will spend money, get Jurgen Klopp and we can win everything again with all 5 supporters watching!


Fabio $5.40 as first goalscorer looks alright

I hope the new irrigation system was worth it. :trophy:

NGL being one of those 5 supporters would be sick ahahahhahahaha

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No excuses for the team not to be fired up after collapsing at the back end of last week’s game. Losing to a bitter rival ought to hurt and the players need to prove they’re up for the challenge.

I’m not saying we will win, but we certainly need to improve. With any luck, Caceres won’t be playing deep like last week, but I’m not holding my breath.

Is kick off 7.45 here or 8.45?


Brisbane Roar v Sydney FC
Friday, October 27 2023
Suncorp Stadium
Kick-off: 7:45pm (AEDT)
Broadcast: Paramount+

I believe AEDT stands for Australian Eastern Daylight Time

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