Round 2 - Sydney FC vs Macarthur FC - 27/11/21

Preview up on the front page now.

I’m pretty confident about this one, but Brattan’s knock last night is worrisome.


Really looking forward to this one. Will be good to get back to Kogarah, for the first time in seemingly forever. Hopefully the weather improves and we can get a good crowd in.

Hopefully, fingers crossed, that Brattan has just corked his knee last night. The match report last night suggested that he had done his ACL, which I’m hoping is an over reaction, but the medical team will be very much aware of what that looks like. So I’m hoping it’s very much they’re overacting. If it is worse case scenario, we’re starting the season under an injury cloud.

On paper, Macarthur look strong. Last week against Wellington they weren’t great against a very weak looking Wellington side. Maybe they’ll be better this week, and if we’re missing another swag of key first teamers, Bobo, Kosta, Zullo? (Is he injured again as he didn’t make the team last week?), Donachie, and with the 'Hoff coming back from his back injuries, Zuvela (Guessing he’s still a fair way away after his ACL last year), I’m worried we’re down to almost bare bones.

Didn’t get to see the game last night, aside from the goals on YT, but I wouldn’t call our win last night overly comfortable, even with putting 4 goals on Olympic.

Early days still, but I think this season will be tougher than the last few.

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Certainly concerning about Brattan, and he’ll be a huge blow for our midfield and the team overall, but we are reasonably deep in the rest of the squad.

Hoff is fit enough for 30ish minutes already, and Bobo and Kosta should be back within the next few weeks. Not all doom and gloom yet injury-wise.

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Anyone know how to upgrade your seat to the grandstand? And is all the undercover area platinum plus, or are there some cheaper seats on the edges?

Not sure about the upgrade, but last season I’m sure the edges of the upper section were silver.

Walk into the grandstand just after kickoff. They never check your members card, just flash it at them like American cops do on TV. Quick flash of the badge and walk through.

Always works for me.

I am taking the boy to his first full game (he’s done a couple at Leichhardt but always plays on the hill with his mates) so keen to make sure he isn’t soaked so will use this advice

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The other tick I’ve used is pretend you’re on a call on your phone talking to somebody in the grandstand, and have your other hand full with chips or a tray of beers/drinks. Their private seccos, so they’re really getting money for not doing a whole load of work and generally don’t care.

Also, if it’s pissing down rain, which is what’s forecasted, I don’t think they’re going to mind too much. It’s only when it’s a sell out or really busy that they bother double checking. Obviously if you sit in a seat and an actual member comes in and says you’re sitting in his seat, you’ll need to move to another seat - but again, if it’s pissing down rain, chances are it’s not going to be a sellout crowd so it shouldn’t matter too much to move a row forward or back.

Yeah, I think that’s fine, but to not give up your seat if you’re in someone’s spot would be a dick move.

I had some issues with that in my Cove days, but to be fair the etiquette is different in active.

I remember from when I’d occasionally go in the Cove that happened a bit, and you just shrug and move elsewhere, generally if a goal gets scored you wind up back at your original spot after you’ve fallen down 2 rows of seating.

The only time i’ve had people tell me to move out of their seat was a derby a few years back and they arrived like 20 minutes into the match - at which point if you ask me you’ve forfeited that seat for the game - but generally they’re polite about it. If it’s pissing down with rain and you’ve got kid(s) with you, most people are going to be understanding.

The upgrade was available from Ticketek, just login and it should be an option to purchase an upgrade.
The last 2/3 bays upstairs and the last 1 or 2 downstairs are silver.

As others have said, there will be plenty of vacant seats, if the weather remains as shithouse as it is now and if you enjoy that frisson of tension that comes with sitting in someone else’s seat…

Any chance this gets washed out?

Last time I was in Sydney to attend a game it was washed out, so this would not surprise me in the slightest!

I think the only one that’s been washed out at Jubilee was the Derby in, 2019 I want to say, and there was a lot more rain in the lead-up to that one.

Thanks. Upgrade option isn’t there. I might just buy one ticket in the stand and use that to get past the seccos.

You have to upgrade by the Wednesday before the game.

The club has just posted an article …

…talking up our “rivalry” with Macarthur. I think disdain would be a more accurate descriptor.




Bigger rivalry with Campbelltown Council than us at the moment.