Round 2 - Sydney vs Western Suburbs - 27/10/18

Let’s really do them again.

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I’m ashamed to say I couldn’t name even 1 song by The Rubens

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I had to Google them tbh. And the first song I saw on YouTube ?Hoops? sounded to me like a sad toddler with rhotacism singing - but then again, that’s a ‘thing’ with a lot of music these days…

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I love their sandwiches.


I wonder if its worth starting Charlie for this match leaving Brosque on the bench and leaving Da silva out completely so both players are fit and free for Tuesday. Corica will need to take the final seriously as currently Adelaide look to have more of an edge.

It will be tough backing up 3 days later for the final. Assume Retre and Charlie will feature more heavily. Perhaps save DdS for the final?

I’m a middle aged man with 4 kids under 10. Even googling them doesn’t help me.


Guess it depends on how much we treasure the FFA Cup and how confident we are of our ability. While three points could be the difference between top 6/2/1st positions or missing out, if we go into the Adelaide match fatigues, we will get dominated.

Can’t see us saving DDS for the Final alone. Maybe in a regular game but not in a derby.

It’s a tough decision for Corica to make. It’s a good thing we at least picked up a point against Adelaide, if we lost on Friday then I think Corica would be nervous about dropping points at “home” against WSW and the potential fan backlash that could prevail. Obviously he’s going to be wanting to be strong against WSW but silverware is up for grabs on Tuesday night. I think we might see DDS come off the bench on Saturday, but potentially start on Tuesday for a 60-70 min run. I really hope he’s fit, we’re looking a bit one-dimensional without Buhagiar and DDS.

I was just reading that this will be the first football match at the SCG for 33 years when Kossie and the Socceroos played Vasco Da Gama and the Spurs played Udinese.

I was at the match and still have the program guide somewhere. FFS I feel old :scream:

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Kudos on the correct naming of that gaggle of cunts

I was there when we played England,someone scored from a PENALTY after Peter Sharne(Marconi) was bought down.Roos lost 2-1.1980?

Interesting story on the club website

I’d forgotten how good the Sydney is a state of mind one looked.

Not feeling super hyped for this one in all honesty. Maybe it’s just it being at the SCG that is making me feel less excited. Reckon this being played at one of our other two grounds would have been brilliant.

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Feel the SCG will kill the atmosphere a bit. WSW poor form in recent years, not only in this match-up but final standings too, has really brought down the hype surrounding the fixture. While The Cove continue to deliver, attendance totals from both teams have been slowly decreasing and our stadium issue will probably lead to this stat continuing, at least until Parra is finished.

This lot look a lot better this season on paper.

They well outplayed us in the first half last time out.

I feel we can not be complacent in this one. hopefully sky bluemayne is at his best again!

they have shown signs that they could hurt teams.

if they fight like their dickhead fans

Really glad they didn’t rank them, but I’d agree they are the top 5. It’s a real pity that the weather was against us and the king/joker couldn’t get deployed off the roof. Unfortunately it will be a long time before we can do anything of this scale again with the constraints of the scg.

Our Sydney is still the best we’ve done.