Round 21 - Newcastle vs Sydney FC - 8/5/21

Given up trying to track the round number properly.

If we don’t win this then there’s something seriously wrong


We’re going to get a win.
It will either be a scarcely deserved, VAR assisted, 1-0 or we will wipe the floor with them and score 5 or 6.
I have no confidence that we will see a comfortable 2-0 or 3-0 game.


Will be similar to the recent victory game I feel…bad performance but a 1-0 win.

This game is going to be more boring than a Macarthur game

The other week up in Gosford was a drag, had to Uber it there and back from my mates beach pad in Avoca. So this week I’m rectifying that by staying within stumbling distance of Turton Road.

ABJ better not start or there may be a belated airing of Festivus greivances.

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ABJ has to start because Brattan is suspended.

It will be Retre and Caceres with ABJ and Ninko.

I’m not sold on a Retre/Caceres midfield. I know it won’t happen but this is the perfect time to try a 4-3-3.
Play Retre as a #6, have Ninko & Caceres play as #8’s and go with a front 3 of Kosta, Bobo & Trent.

Right you are, Ken!

Bugger, forgot about that.

I’ll be a monkeys uncle if corica changes his formation for this match


I don’t know why people calling for a change in formation. The current formation is the Sydney FC formation and is coached through the ranks, with the hope that if a player needs to step up to cover an injury or the like that they can do so knowing how their position works within the team.

Nothing is going to change…

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Kosta is way better off in a front 3 than this front 2.

He does his best work coming in from the flank.

That’s my main reason for wanting to go 4231


I agree, the players we have are far better suited to a different formation, without a doubt, but we’re stuck with it I fear…

Play Harry at 6

You build formations to suit players.

I guess you can develop players to suit formations.

But fucked if I know why you sign an international player and shoehorn them.

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I’d point something out but I don’t want to summon the great narrator.

Yeah you do

Well aware that nothing is going to change and I’ve often used the same argument when others have bought the topic up.
The problem is though by having a formation and playing style set in stone you become very predictable. I think this has been the biggest issue we have faced this season, other coaches know exactly how we’re going to setup and are able to come up with a tactical plan to nullify that.
This season we’ve seen teams push an extra man into midfield so that Retre & Bratten are outnumbered. When pressured in possession like they were on Saturday night their distribution suffers and we are left exposed on the counter. A quick ball in behind the space left exposed by our high fullbacks and we’re left with only 2 CB’s (and possibly a LB or RB) behind the ball. Melbourne City exposed this weakness perfectly earlier in the season. By putting a 3rd player in midfield it allows Retre to sit deep and give our 2 CB’s more protection.
We’re coming up against the worst team in the comp, have 2 of our top 4 CM’s unavailable and only 1 out and out DM available. Leading into the finals we won’t get a better opportunity to try a plan B and a formation that will work better for us in the ACL as well.

^^^ I wondered how much WS switching to a back four might have caught us on the hop last Sat.

Unless the team is absolutely head and shoulders above the rest of the competition, playing 1 formation no matter the opponent is so stupid. It makes it way easier for the opposition to adapt their styles and formation to counter yours

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Just want a 2-3-5 for once.