Round 21 - Sydney FC vs Wellington - 17/07/20


I can’t seem to find the link to request tickets…


This return of the league is a great mental health therapy for me. Makes this week a good one to look forward to, and hopefully nice way to end what will be a tense week for me personally. :+1:


Another email to come with the link I believe.

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Looks like the window doesn’t open until 3pm.

As a working example, the access windows for game one (Friday 17 July) are as follows:

Monday 13 July – 3pm – 7-15 yr Full Season Members (Guaranteed seats available)
Tuesday 14 July – 3pm – 4-6 yr Full Season Members (First in basis)
Wednesday 15 July – 10am – 1-3 yr Full Season Members (First in basis if seats available)
Wednesday 16 July – 2pm - All Part Season Members (First in basis if seats available)


Assuming nobody has received an email yet?


no email - this whole system is great in theory but as someone else mentioned, will feel like a miracle for ticketek to pull it off in practice.

Edit: email received at 2:59pm, never doubted the club or ticketek for a second


I’m still waiting on mine.


Don’t worry about getting an email, I just went to Ticketek and put in my membership card barcode and got a ticket.

You don’t need an email.


Luckily, making this post caused my email to come.



Wellington defeated WSW 3-0 yesterday.


Note that current guidelines are that id will be checked at the time of entry so swapping tickets may not be feasible


Got my tickets (then received the club email a few minutes later hehe). Interesting that the bay that I usually sit in with a silver membership is no longer available, so I’ve had to choose a different area. Presumably this is because the gold, platinum and platinum plus allocations have to be spread out so have consumed that bay. I knew the seats would be different, I just thought that the bay would at least be the same. Oh well, I’m just happy to be able to attend.


What do the new silver bays look like?


The cross is where I usually sit, the tick is where I got tickets for.


Just got a couple of tickets. Not as good as my usual seats but happy enough - if it doesn’t rain!!
Club has done a really good job - again.

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Ticket secured. Very happy with that, just ended up one row in front of my usual seat.

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3 tickets sorted. Was fairly painless all things considered.


Which category?


Silver. I sit in Concourse E.


Where is that?