Round 21 - Sydney FC vs Wellington - 17/07/20

We’re back in a week!

I imagine we’ll hear about people being able to attend (or not) over the next few days. The main thing is that we’re back!

A win over Wellington here would basically put us on the verge of the title.

How excited is everyone?


Feels like an eternity since our last match. Almost like it was last season. Gagging for it

Absolutely! So interested to see how the lads have been keeping. Wellington also.
Fingers crossed for no further delays.

Good work jinxy.

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So I believe teams can make more subs? We have pretty good bench options so if it is the case, I’m looking forward to seeing more of Buhagiar and Ivanovic.


Any word on how they were going to issue tickets?

They said they would inform members via email and that hasn’t happened yet.

If they don’t do unlimited subs and beers/bbq provided by their partners at the end of the game i’m boycotting

There’s not really time left for submitting into a lottery etc, get the feeling we will just get emails based on criteria of membership on whether we can attend.

probably how long we’ve been members and platinum, gold, silver etc, with a fair allocation to Cove members too.

keeping in mind the club will want to keep the higher cost members happy, if Platinum etc members get shafted they risk losing them.

just speculation from me, but they’ll have to decide somehow.

I didn’t know if I had missed it. 6 days out and no further information is pretty poor. I realise there are more important things going on but it can’t be that hard to put out an updated email. Not every member lives in Sydney and can make plans to go at the last minute.

I think it’s more so as they don’t know what’s happening. With the situation in Victoria, I guarantee the NSW government is tossing up whether to scale back freedoms. There was talk about it happening yesterday so we’ll have to see what happens moving forwards.

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Email is going out today


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you have to admit they put some real thought into this system, well done.

The best system possible. Especially cos I can’t go Friday but can Tuesday

Yeah can’t argue with that even as someone who would want to attend all three games.

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It’s very good. I wonder if it’s all run through ticketek ? The same service that can’t get basic sale windows to work at the best of times. Finger crossed

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